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  1. where does the bottom of the front of the thigh amor sit in relation to your knee cap? Do they end above your knee cap? I am trying to bring my thigh armor up, since the bottoms are below my knee cap and can't put my calf armor on, until i raise the thigh armor.
  2. Are these boots ok for TK ANH Stunt? These are available in white. http://www.zappos.com/p/sam-edelman-tinsley-black-matte/product/8605266/color/81304?ef_id=WIMj5gAABDPzMwXo:20170121090334:s
  3. Give it time to dry, then scuff it up, and add another layer of ABS paste, and see if it will cover the area more. it looks like you need to add more paste.
  4. How much are we allowed to trim from the rear top of the lower leg armor, and still meet EIB and Centurion. Also, on the wrist side, inner and outer return edges, if we cut those off, but left the elbow side of the forearm armor alone, does it disqualify us from the Centurion level? Chris Anchorage
  5. My thigj armor sections are too ling for my legs. I am 5'8" tall, wirh muscular legs, and the top inside of the thigh is already tight against the cod peice and the knee end, goes a couple inches past my knee cap.
  6. Are there any wide shims to fill the gap, between the kidney edge plate and the lower front/belly plate? I am doing rough cuts on these two tonight for fresh Anovos TK kit. I am a bigger guy, and need a couple of inches on the edges of both plates.
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