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  1. We’re now a full 2 weeks past the deadline. Smh
  2. Hope you're doing ok and definitely work on that OT!
  3. Has anyone received a white pauldron yet?
  4. Thanks to everyone who answered my question. Has anyone received a standard TLJ bucket yet from Anovos?
  5. Does anyone know if the price of the GE one is more or less? Is the detailing/accuracy better or worse? The liner and stand are a nice touch - IMO, but only if the bucket itself is as nice or better than the standard Anovos.
  6. I have a brand new set of Janine/Fantasy Design gaskets that I’m not going to use if anyone is interested. PM me if interested and I can take measurements.
  7. I still haven't seen or heard anything from Anovos - other than those email newsletters. I ordered both basic buckets, so I'm wondering if I should just toss the TFA in an IKEA tower to display or try to return or sell off. I also have a neck-seal ordered that I no longer need, since I bought the Pinky's complete set since then. Which order placed time range is currently shipping? Can we add something to the first post, maybe a quick list or grid like this (I just threw in random data, since I don't know where we are right now) - Quarter Status 3Q16 Shipped 4Q16 Shipping 1Q17 Not Shipped 2Q17 Not Shipped 3Q17 Not Shipped 4Q17 Not Shipped 1Q18 Not Shipped 2Q18 Not Shipped 3Q18 Not Shipped 4Q18 Not Shipped 1Q19 Not Shipped 2Q19 Not Shipped Thanks!
  8. Thanks, that's a great idea of selling them as a complete set.
  9. I wonder how that works if I ordered the basic kit and both of the basic helmets? Are they going to still ship the basic TFA helmets that were ordered 2 years ago? Also, has anyone ever returned anything? I bought the premium neck seal 2 years ago (still hasn't shipped), but I bought Pinky's whole gasket setup last year - so I won't have any use for just the premium neck seal by itself anymore.
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