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  1. Thanks, that's a great idea of selling them as a complete set.
  2. I wonder how that works if I ordered the basic kit and both of the basic helmets? Are they going to still ship the basic TFA helmets that were ordered 2 years ago? Also, has anyone ever returned anything? I bought the premium neck seal 2 years ago (still hasn't shipped), but I bought Pinky's whole gasket setup last year - so I won't have any use for just the premium neck seal by itself anymore.
  3. I’m going to tough it out and wait. This Tuesday (1/22) makes 2 years since I placed my order.
  4. By the time we get these, there will be a new trooper that we will all want and the cycle will start all over.
  5. I ordered both buckets, a white pauldron, premium neck seal and a basic kit. I have yet to receive a single thing. January will mark 2 years that I've been waiting.
  6. I'm not sure what the hold up is. I thought they were at least good at knocking out helmets. It's going to be a long Winter, though - since Winter goes all the way until March 19th. Spring March 20 - June 20 Summer June 21 - September 21 Fall September 22 - December 21 Winter December 22 - March 19
  7. I just received a new delay email. TLJ basic helmets are pushed back to Winter 2018.
  8. It’s terrible that it came to that after waiting for so long, but you gotta do what you feel is right for you. I’m gonna hang in there, since I bought a used Anovos OT TK ensemble a few months ago to work on while I wait. I can’t wait to see your new build pics!
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