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  1. LOL- yep a lot! 1- yes you can make your own, I must admit I have never seen it though. 4-E6000!!!!! 5- Paint all the way, white fabric and white leather paint. Or buy white boots 6-yes tutorials here on the belts 7. I dont see why a pair of long johns underneath your undersuit would hurt anything. Hide a candy bar in your TD. Good luck!
  2. I'm petrified of cutting! Best to confirm w the experts first, they will chime in.
  3. Awesome job- great looking build! Just a couple of things I saw; is the neckseal riding too high up your neck? In the close up, you cannot see the ridges, really only the cloth underneath. Could be wrong though and it's just the lighting. Also the chest piece could maybe be trimmed a bit, where it curves around and is pointing towards the back. It looks pretty close to the back piece where there should be a bigger gap. Congrats!!
  4. Get the 2oz size, but get at least 5 of them. Easier to work with and you will have a few do overs of coverstrips most likely. Easy to leave the caps off of em too! Cheapest thing of the whole build!
  5. Appreciate it guys! Now time to scrounge for that 800 pounds for that sterling!
  6. Thanks for the kind words and feedback- it is greatly appreciated! Sorry for leaving out the photo, luckily I did snap one. Upgrading the blaster is definitely in the future, have to save some funds though. The other suggestions will be worked on for sure; once again I appreciate the tips! You have a good eye on the handgrips and painting! I wanted the stunt ones but these were the only ones still in stock from one of our own until next spring; Trooperbay sent me the wrong stickers so I had to improvise!
  7. Yep, your sweating the small stuff. It's a never ending project, so I would get the rest together and leave perfecting the bicep for spare time later on down the line!
  8. Appreciate it! Thanks for the heads up on the E-11; looks like I have some work to do. I need to grind this t-track off and add some holes as you mentioned. Hope I'm not forgetting any others. I added the s-trim photo as well.
  9. My first troop for a couple more! I am the TK near the middle. It was awesome!
  10. Scott Harrelson TK-24241 Tusken RTT Star Garrison, South Texas Squad Appreciate your feedback and consideration! Armor- AP Helmet- AP Blaster- Hasbro with Doopydoo kit Height- 5'10 Weight- 185 Boots- Painted Bass Men's Amsterdam ankle boot Canvas belt- From TKittell from FISD! Hand Plates- From Sonnenschein from FISD! Electronics-Aker amp Neckseal- Trooperbay Holster- AP
  11. That is some fancy interior- looking great! Not sure, but you might have to round off the ear ranking black outline a bit, I have not seen it really squared off like that.
  12. You would strap and rivet the abdomen to the shim of the kidney; there should be nothing between the shim and kidney but abs paste, with a flat spare shim glued underneath both. I used strapping to keep it nice and tight between the ab and the new shimmed kidney.
  13. This-http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/29077-adding-the-kidney-shim-not-bad-but/page-2?hl=%2Bkidney+%2Bshim#entry372618 A little work, but you can get the seem almost invisible. Almost......
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