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  1. Thanks a ton, Sloth (Josh), for that blaster mod link! Super easy! *skips off to try and win an auction*
  2. I know it's a bit odd posting here, but I'm having no luck on the Jolly Roger side of things. Also, weapon knowledge seems to be all encompassing, (not just limited to E-11's and whatnot) so I figured I would pick a brain or two here! I'm looking for a DH-17 blaster to purchase or build for a TIE pilot friend in the legion, but am realizing I may be able to mod a toy blaster if need be. Problem is that the only ones I can find now are Nerf versions... for over $50... made a couple of years ago. Is this correct? I apologize if this is posted in the wrong section. I realize that I'm look
  3. Having kids of my own <------ the princess kissing my bucket in this pic is one makes photos like the one above so heartwarming! Paul put it very gracefully:
  4. I have some leftover sets of vinyl stencils I made for repainting my ab buttons the right color (French blue) and size (12mm dia.). I'd be open to paying it forward and mailing out the 3 or 4 sets remaining. PM me with an address and I'll throw them in the mail! Edit: There are 10 stencils per sheet. But, if you're good, you should only need 9
  5. Thank you all! I'm super stoked about this and motivated to keep making changes that better my armor build! Shooting for Centurion is definitely on the agenda! I'll need to lower the scope rail on my blaster, get some black slotted screws for my detonator, and get some rubber hand plates (which I've ordered). I also need to cut down my cover strips on my upper body (totally dreading that). If you have any trouble finding gloves let me know! They were easy to come by near me.
  6. I believe I've made the changes necessary Expert Infantry in the photos below. I'll wait to hear! Areas between the teeth on the helmet have be cleared of gray: Ab plate buttons have been enlarged to 12 mm diameters and the blue has been changed to "French Blue":
  7. I know that accuracy is everyone's passion here on the boards, but I am still no less impressed that the size and shade of painted buttons can be assessed with 100% accuracy from a simple photo! "gmrhodes13", you were absolutely right about size and color. I used Humbrol Midnight Blue #15 (which was also specified along with #14 French Blue as approval worthy) and the size of my buttons were about 40% too small. Incredible! I've since purchased the French Blue and should have new pics up tonight! Thank you for helping me here and getting my armor to where it needs to be! Also, th
  8. I will get a hold of a larger size circle stencil and repaint the buttons within the next couple of days! The paints are definitely the correct Humbrol colors, but for the next go-around I'll take a brighter photo to better represent the colors (the bottles of paint may be conveniently placed in the photo as well I'll clean those up ASAP! Is there an easier solution than what I was thinking of doing: attacking at full force with a Q-tip and mineral spirits? I'm actually ordering a new detonator/clip combo fairly soon! Also, some latex hand plates from Karin are on the list (as
  9. Thanks for the reply! As far as belt boxes go, are you referring to how they sit in the full body pics while I'm wearing the belt or how they are resting while the belt is on the table? If you're referring to the table photo, the boxes can easily slide along the belt to go further outwards. If you're talking about my full body pics, then I may need to think about moving snaps (I "strategically" placed the snaps to keep the boxes from sliding too far outwards). The ab buttons are painted with the actual Humbrol paints borrowed from another TK in my garrison, so they are definitely accurate col
  10. Good job, Cristian! Hope to see you trooping at the next Balloon Fiesta again!!!
  11. Due to the fountain of information available here on the boards, I've torn apart and re-glued my build more than I care to admit, but I'm finally able to submit! Thank you for your time and consideration! Pete Hague Dewback Ridge Garrison Armor: MonCal Helmet: MonCal Blaster: DVH 2013 resin pipe build Height: 5’10†Weight: 155 Boots: TK Boots Canvas Belt: self-made Hand Plates: MonCal Electronics: none (Sometimes I make a “pksht†noise after speaking sentences while in my bucket. That count? J) Neck Seal: self-made Holster: TK Bondservnt
  12. 501st member access, please. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=16493
  13. I must say, I'm currently working on my DVH blaster build and your posts have been extremely helpful (along with about a dozen other awesome builders posts on this site)! Couple of questions: 1. How did you get your D-ring in without cutting apart the end cap? (perhaps you DID cut it...) 2. Did you have to heat the aluminum scope and counter rails/brackets before bending them? Can't wait to see it with cylinders and all painted up!
  14. Thank you all for the welcoming! Nice! Did you make it up for ACE last month? I'll do my best to document what I do. These forums are a wealth of information, it's just a matter of trying to find what I need when I need it! I'm so excited (and extremely nervous) to start that DVH blaster build!
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