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  1. Great job! Looks fantastic. I dont know if the black paint on the screws of the TD is needed for EIB or Cent only, but that's the only thing I see. Little adjustment of the garter will fix that thigh right up.
  2. Requesting 501 access- thanks! http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=17355
  3. I'll hit the local troop up this Friday, will be my first TK outing as a probie. I know it's so early though, was wondering what the past premiers have been like for everyone.
  4. Will be my first opening weekend next year to have any type of costume that I could wear. I would be a blast of course to troop at the theater and hang out with the fans. Does anyone simply dress and go to the movies solo, or is an organized troop at the theater's pretty much standard? Not sure I'm ready to stand to watch it in the new TK; for viewing that may be a Tusken night for me.
  5. Wow- I don't think I'm quite ready to try this build just yet! Looking awesome.
  6. Those are awesome! Can't wait for my first con as a TK.
  7. Coming along- looking great! Cant tell if your shoulders are just not snapped in yet, looks like they can come way forward. Check on your thigh piece, I think it needs to roll 90 degrees inwards, then your ammo pack roll the other way, but it could just be the pic. Wont be long now!
  8. Looks great to me- I cant even see the seam!
  9. You could do a test spray on some scrap first, but I dont think it will matter. Best part is you can always wipe it off with some thinner. I tried a couple different shades and types before I hit the jackpot.
  10. I'd just hit that notch and the parts abutting it with a nail file, to smooth and round it off with the other curvature of the thigh. Will look perfect from the outside.
  11. Thanks guys! Love the tip on the felt on the TD clips- going to stick some soft sided velcro on the backs right now.
  12. TD looks great, I'm sure glad you posted about it! Not a disaster at all on the shims, just takes time. I did both methods as well with the paste, the wide and the narrow on the seem, but each gets you to the same place after sanding I learned. I ended up not taping off when I sanded, as it blended in better to the original plastic I thought. I had to repeat a few small divets a couple of times with some paste, but eventually you will fill that seem and it will be smooth like all one part! Just a pain I know. I started too with medium sandpaper to get the bulk of the paste down, then the finer and finer grit. Dont forget that color/brand plastic spray paint I posted in the kidney shim post- when you get it sanded down to just the fine seem line that you can barely see, give it a couple of very light dustings with the paint without taping it off. Let it dry and repeat. It will transition perfectly into the original and will make your seem disappear! Your kit is AP and the color is a spot on match. The polish then is the very last step.
  13. You will love it! My armor came right on time from his original estimate, he is great about answering emails and things he saw on my build that needed help he would shoot me over some tips!
  14. Appreciate it! Good tip on the wet paper, the sanding sucked! Save more than what you think you will need, there are so many extra $$ here and there I have lost count.
  15. Great call guys; I went to the garage and hit my clips with the hacksaw then the file, took only a minute or so. This will look much better! You will be fixed up quick Alex.
  16. Someone mentioned the TD being high on mine as well; would be interested to see what folks think. I dont see any other way to move the plate down?
  17. A had a couple of different threads- one for the building and shaping of the kidney shims- http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/29077-adding-the-kidney-shim-not-bad-but/ Another for the nearly final product- http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/29203-need-critiques-please-on-ap-build-about-ready-to-submit-for-basic-approval/ Patiently waiting on the GML!
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