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  1. I was noticing on my photos the sides of the newly added kidney shims were 'flaring' out too much, as the bend matched the inner contour of the kidney plate, but did I did not shape it correctly for the bend to match to the abdomen. You can see on these pics how it is bending out away from body rather than matching the abdomen. So after consulting with FISD search forums, decided to give the boiling water trick a try rather than the dreaded heat gun. The water seemed more forgiving in case I screw up. I dipped it in the pan while boiling (just the end part of the shim that I wanted bent, not to the part of the actual weld) for about 20 seconds. It took a couple of dips after the initial one to get it to start to move, but then I slowly was able to bend the sides in a bit. You have to be careful not to press too hard near the area of the weld, or this would pry apart! Pretty happy with the results! I need to tighten my strapping a few mm still, but the bend is much better now between the kidney and abdomen! Sorry about the sorry pics, used the phone and not the good camera.
  2. Just make sure you are a slim jim for the AP. I have one, (and it is freeking fantastic) but if you are not like basketball player skinny you will have to build a shim between the ab and kidney. Not out of this world hard, but a lot of extra work for sure. Plenty of threads on here, I made one myself.
  3. Wow those are fantastic! Hope you took out the Tusken w the saber!
  4. Cutting the thigh tops petrifies me! I can get up/down the stairs, I just make sure I grab the rail (maybe just due to the bad vision) and put both feet on a step before taking another one. If my first troop turns into torture though out will come the snips!
  5. Heck yea! Looking great, congrats! It's like running a marathon for sure. I cant tell if you glued your shin coverstrip or not. I messed up and made mine only 20 mm and I dont think it is quite wide enough- I did not do my homework and should have went with 25mm. That's my next of endless tweeks.
  6. Thanks guys! Yea your right I can push the TD down some for sure better on the belt. I was hoping to do a troop this weekend and walk around some before doing anymore cutting; hoping to not have to make any more adjustments but walking right now is clunky for sure. I sent off pics to my GML a few days ago so checking the emails!
  7. Those cupcakes look fantastic! Your build is coming along, looking good! I know what you mean about the strapping and getting everything to hang correctly. I made so many different length elastic and nylon straps w snaps it's not funny, trying to get everything just right.
  8. Great pics! I have not officially trooped yet, but It must be a great feeling to have the suit dialed in to climb up and slide down a slide!! It is still a chore for me to climb up the stairs!
  9. I saw it on the tutorials here; superglue the endcaps with a single piece of elastic to hold the caps on. You have a compartment now for a little cash and your keys!
  10. Thanks guys! Great eyes; I have ordered some softies I am waiting to come in still and just glued these guys together with one strap- my bad on the wrist vs hand, thanks. Crazy I goofed on the wrong sides also!
  11. I think I just about have everything ready; first troop is next Saturday! I appreciate any tips or suggestions to make the application process a smooth one. Thanks everyone for your help! Things I see- the sniper plate fell under my knee for the AP pic, the rt drop box swung to the side a bit.
  12. I filed down the pvc some on both sides to get the caps to fit better; AP kit and I had the same problem. Also took a few mm off of the overall length of the tube. I did the connection of the caps with elastic to allow me to store some things in the TD tube.
  13. Nothing cooler than the first full suit test! I keep showing off my pic to everyone. Looks great, it wont be long now!
  14. Got you covered on straw storage, the TD flexi cap! This will have my keys and credit card as well.
  15. Disaster averted for now; took everyone's advise and fixed the shin/shoe situation to get by for now. Walked around a bunch in the house and they stayed in place! I do make a small velcro crunch sound when I walk so I may change out to elastic and snaps for the connection later. Did the elastic strap around the feet, velcroed the shoes to the shin bottoms and tightened up the tops of the shoes with some more velcro. Very happy the shins come now and stay over the shoes! I have just everything done except gluing the ab buttons in place! Heading to the Ren Fest now but will do a fitting and pics tomorrow!
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