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  1. Ok sorry I'll start keeping everything in one thread
  2. Well you guys stop talking on them so I made new ones
  3. One day I want to make armor like yours and join the 501st but that will be a long long time
  4. Thank You so much for the help I think this will be really useful
  5. Wasting my time by making that stormtrooper helmet
  6. Thanks but question watch this video do you think this is good or am I wasting my time with it -----------
  7. Please guys I wanna make a decent set of stormtrooper armor for a very low price because I'm only 11 and my parents won't help me with the money.NEED REPLYS PLEASE!!!!
  8. What is white craft foam and how much is it and would it make a realistic armor
  9. I am 11 years old and I need to make some cheap stormtrooper armor but still look like a stormtrooper
  10. I have made a helmet with these instructions but with them am I wasting my time ------------
  11. Chilis how is your armor and how much did it cost I'm 11 and I don't have much of a budget
  12. Can you help me out because your really the only one who thinks I can make armor for cheap
  13. I found a homemade stormtrooper helmet on YouTube by DaliDIY and I'm working at that
  14. I mean yes Chilis I will probably where it to a couple events but not anything I would want to spend a lot of money to do
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