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  1. Man, I can't wait to see this all put together! Once you're all done, hit me up, I bet my friend would love to take some killer photos for you
  2. lol, first rule of building armor is not to look at the running total
  3. Hey All, I really don’t mean to come off as egotistical, but whats FISD’s thoughts on watermarking EIB and Centurion images? The reason I bring it up is because yesterday I was talking to my friend who took the my EIB and Centurion photos. From our conversation he suggests that I watermark the images like this: His thought is that someone will snatch them up and use them to sell their own armor or to be used for personal gain. The watermarking idea It's been rolling around in my head for a bit, I guess the part that worries me the most is if some re-caster uses my photos to sell there knock off armor on eBay… What are your guys thoughts?
  4. Hey Locitus, Any news on when my Centurion Certificate will be ready? It seems like anderche, 0skar, Kredal, and myself have been skipped.
  5. Tim Magoolaghan 31689 Centurion Letter Thank you!
  6. I'm super ecstatic right now!! Thank you very much everyone, I couldn't have done it without all of your help. From the amazing build threads I read to the awesome parts built by passionate people, I'm very grateful that this whole community exists. This has been an awesome journey and I can't wait to head out trooping with the GGG!
  7. Beautiful armor! I know nothing about ROTJ Armor, but overall your armor looks sharp and clean, great job!
  8. Thank you! Lets see if I can help: 1 - Yes, I did trim the back. If you look at this photo: The 2 strips in the red circle is how much I took off, I basically took off the return edge that is molded into the back of the AP thighs. As for the cut, I used blue tape to make a "line" that I wanted to cut, used a razor blade to score the line, then flexed the plastic back and forth to get a clean break. 2 - Yes, I used a heat gun and popsicle sticks in between the ammo boxes. The popsicle sticks ensure an even bend when curving the thigh ammo pack. Just do it r-e-a-l-l-y slowly, you don't want to heat the plastic up too much or you will melt it. I personally didn't run into any problems, but I was very careful and took my time. Hope these tips help!
  9. Thank you! Yeah, I've seen some people use velcro or snaps to hold the right shin in place. After I go on a few troops I'll most likely add something to keep the shin from moving. Thank you! Thanks Tony! I've been following your TFA build and it looks amazing so far! All the photo equipment is my friends, but I bet he wouldn't have any problems taking some photos for you
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