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  1. Whats the approximate ETA on this round of orders? I got in on a combo kit, even though I already had the original Heston F-11D (before LEDs).
  2. For me to give any kind of commitment, a ROM estimate is needed. Are we talking about a 400 dollar prop or a 1200 dollar prop?
  3. I was wondering if this project was dead. My blaster is a piece of....and I need a new one.
  4. I don't personally like the new look, but I do see why people say it looks more "Clone-ish." Annoying that they did this, but I agree, it looks like nothing else major on the armor changed, except the cod. The cod appears to be shaped a little differently.
  5. This build is unbelievable. It puts my stock Heston blaster to shame. I really want to spend time on a complete blaster build like this to get it looking nice. What paint did you use, if I might ask?
  6. I picked up an Aker 10w, but the problem is I can't keep it all in my helmet. The mic proximity to the speaker causes it to screech something fierce. I need to figure out another location for the Aker on my kit. Things are a little different with the FOTK...probably cannot mount to chest plate.
  7. Is anyone out there using their own voice amplification system? I'm interested in buying my own PCB and soldering my own wires. This is for my FOTK bucket. The electronic components are rather inexpensive compared to the price people are charging for pre-built systems. Any recommendations for a good PCB / mic / speaker setup?
  8. TK-33113 requesting update http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=23094
  9. Thanks for the comment.,..definitely alot of blood, sweat and tears in this build. I reached out to GMLs and submitted my 501st app earlier this week. Haven't heard back yet. Wanted to update with some of my approval pictures sent to the GML (this is not all of them). These versions have been cropped, whereas the ones submitted to GML were 100% raw.
  10. Alright, I think we're about home! A couple of exciting updates today. Per my previous post, four things left to do. I installed MICH helmet pads into my helmet two days ago. Installation was easy, however I will need more padding in order for the helmet to not wiggle around on my head too much. Planning to go to WalMart first, followed possibly by a trip to Michaels depending on what WalMart has. Thinking about supplementing the padding with some bike helmet pads. I'll add some pictures of the interior of the bucket when I get it fit better to my head. For now, I can at least put it on and it looks cool. Chest plate painting completed successfully without any major issue. I did not add clear-coat, so hopefully it holds up over time. Pics later in this thread. I implemented the knee shock-cord solution. The idea of using christmas-light hooks is not new, we saw steamboatphan do it in his thread. The difference with my implementation is that I used two hooks, and my shock cord is looped on each side so that I can easily hook and unhook it. Looping it around the front of the knee plate just so the cord is out of the way for storage, but it would obviously loop around behind my leg Spats were next. I actually suited up in full armor before implementing my spat solution because I couldn't wait to see what everything looked like with chest plate. But I'll leave those pictures for last. There's been alot of discussion on the Jimmi Facebook group about how to do spats, and everyone seems to do them differently. The method I'm going to try first is velcro and a white stretch-strap that also uses velcro to pull the cut together on the inside. The CRL states that a visible seam exists on the inside-facing portion of the spat, so I'm not worried as long as the spat comes together, which is a tough ask because they barely fit around the bottom part of the leg. There's also a piece on the rear of the calf-armor Inside of spat, with velcro and stretch-bungee solution Attached to lower leg Clip glued on to spat Now the fun stuff. Basically, the armor itself it done. I suited up today (and I need help to do it unfortunately), and the wife took a couple pictures. Keep in mind the spats were not even started when these pictures were taken (I finished that part later in the day). My butt-plate was a little crooked when I put the belt on, but it should sit straight normally I intend to take my application pictures tomorrow, and fill out the 501st application online! There is still some work to do on the build...for example, installing helmet fans into the bucket, possibly voice assist and speaker-voice. I also plan to put LEDs into my blaster. Stay tuned for those updates. Let me know what you think!
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