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  1. Luckily with the snap system I can use 1 2 or 3 if need be.
  2. Where or who is selling TD metal clips at a reasonable cost. I need 2 sets and can't pony up $75-$80 for them.
  3. Yeah. I figured that out after the fact, and that's one thing I'll be fixing. I did manage to cut the cod extension off before I installed the rivet. I've still seen a couple guys pass centurion here lately with the AM2 butt extension still in place though.
  4. I might go back and trim the left ear a little more, not sure just yet. I also am not completely happy with how high the brow turned out but its stuck now so I'll live with it. This is my first build and for some reason the body and helmet scared me less than the limbs did.
  5. I seem to have started exactly opposite of most people, jumping into the torso and helmet first. I'm having minor problems with a few straps( made them too short) but nothing hard to fix. What do you guys think so far?
  6. When I started mocking up my helmet I noticed there was a huge difference in the tube sizes from the back piece to the face piece. Has anyone else had this problem? And what is the best way to correct it?
  7. Thank you. Email can be stupid sometimes, I figured that's all it was.
  8. I sent one yesterday but I sent it to the contact email I believe. Maybe it went to spam who knows. I was not meant to sound upset or worried I just wanted to know you guys got it that's all. I'm sure you're a reputable group or people wouldn't praise you so much.
  9. It has. I'm just one of those people that like confirmation from the business.
  10. I placed an order with HFx a week ago. I understood there was a 7-10 day lead time but, I have never received an order confirmation nor can I get them to answer emails or Facebook PMs. Is there any other way to reach them? Or is this normal for them? I would just like a confirmation that they received my Paypal payment that's all.
  11. Not to worry. I was just giving you a back story to Mark, not trying to be dramatic.
  12. Mark is the owner of AP (Authentic Props) he's an armor builder. Nice guy also. He's just suggesting you look elsewhere even if it's not with him. He's just trying to help steer the new guy clear of any troubles. There is plenty of info about armor makers in the "read this first section"
  13. Holy smokes I just gave Trooperbay a lot of money. You're welcome
  14. Sorta makes you want to push one of the front ones like dominoes.
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