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  1. Such a clean build Greg, you are doing great work here.
  2. LMO's have stated it needs to be TFA. Also Toys are only used as a basic reference, this character has a book that places it in a time frame. Who knows what the next LMO's will want or change, it seems to change yearly so at this stage this costume is being built based on discussions had and the book detail and original images. The black series Cardinal toy is a lazy effort to simply use the latest molds they had of the standard trooper simply done in red plastic, but it is interesting that they produced the galaxies edge Black series helmet as TLJ
  3. Rodney, just to go back a couple of posts about the shin closures, you most certainly can use Velcro instead of the elastic with bra hooks. We only judge armour on its outward appearance, not how you strap it all together so do what you are comfortable with and all will be good.
  4. Good to see you sorted out your photo issue, I look forward to your progress. Welcome aboard sir.
  5. It is looking good so far, never underestimate your ability Rod, every cut brings more confidence every part assembled a new skill. Make sure when you are sizing up for your final cuts that you are wearing your under suit. It does make a difference and you will know how that fit feels. When you move to the shins, wear your undersuit and your boots to size appropriately. Also make sure you use a reinforcing strip on the inside front of the shine as well as your cover strip. A reasonable amount of force goes to the front of them when you open them to put on and take off. I also pu
  6. Same to you Kevin, new project sounds good, make sure you start a new thread for it.
  7. Welcome aboard David! As you can see the information flows quickly around hear, so start your research, ask loads of questions and your journey shall begin.
  8. Thanks Mathias. So this will be a rebuild rather than a refresh. Danny we can look at this as part of the translation work later on.
  9. The merch item will be in the form of a pin to match the 1000 EI pin in the same or similar dimensions. Gold plate with the centurion maroon colour
  10. This is great news Brad, welcome to the legion. Don't forget to request your 501st access if you haven't already. It will give you access to more areas of the forums.
  11. That's looking a lot better seeing all the green now, thanks for updating that Glen. Also just to note, the main reason we started placing who had fixed what thread is in case of a future issue with images stored on different accounts, this way we know who's account it was on for any future command staff and they can contact us easily to ask if something can be replaced etc. I also started placing a comment on each thread I edited (check the edit box and place the comment or reason why the post was edited) generally it has been Restored Photobucket images, or Removed broken Links etc
  12. There are also post that were rectified as we discovered them. Before Glen went to a systematic approach. I think we will need to review some of the sections to make sure we get the bulk of the useful ones covered.
  13. Very Awesome Romain, looking forward to your build progress.
  14. Hi Aaron, welcome to FISD This is the best place to start, it has contact info for armour makers so you can get pricing and discuss with them what they supply. This and much much more great information for new members is found here https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/38-getting-started-read-this-first/ Have you decided on which Stormtrooper variant you wish to become, here are the TK costume CRL'S (Costume reference library) these are the specifications you need to build your armour too for 501st approval. https://databank.501st.com/data
  15. Great reenactments Kelvin.
  16. Glad to hear you are alright Perry, the detachment isn't going anywhere so we shall see you again when possible.
  17. Yeah that's pretty steep. I would be equally shocked specially if i converted that to Aussie dollars! Second mortgage anyone!!
  18. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/35789-darth-sarcasms-rs-pvc-build/Restored by Sly11
  19. Have you considered a resin blaster instead? I get the sense of security with a rubber blaster but to be honest I haven't heard as many stories of damaged blasters as you would imagine. I have trooped my resin Doopy blaster for 6 years and only had to do very minor patch jobs on paint chips. I think 3D printed blasters are far more prone to easy damage than the resin variants and you should hopefully be able to find a vendor if Doopy don't have stock. RS Prop do rubber blasters, perhaps contact them and see if they make one suitable, I have only seen their ESB variant.
  20. I think it is important to note that ABS indeed can have slight changes from batch to batch and manufacturer to manufacturer. This is why we see difference in colour even from the same armour maker, when they buy a new batch of plastic, or need to source another supplier for what ever the reason may be. I have seen an Anovos crack due to thinness on the members very first troop, but that doesn't mean every Anovos will crack in the same way. Also some may troop outdoors more frequently than others and UV has an effect on all plastic, yep even the so called UV protected plastics
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