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  1. friends, I applied for eib as we march to 1000. I had some corrections needed that i believe i made correctly. I would love to reapply but i am currently unable ro suit up due to surgery on my leg. I have some photos from my last troop and i can lay out my parts as well. Is there a way i can put in for my eib without a full dress out
  2. From scratch...the bipod is a 3d print Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  3. But there examples of the dlt19 in rebels and i can supply the screen shots. Also can we add the chimaera crest to the pauldron. Perhaps as a l3 add on with an animated style pauldron. And closing the shins has always been an issue. I want to preserve the intent of the single grey line. The crl doesnt discuss a cover strip but it was suggested to me. I feel like we should open a more direct line of communications for the suit improvements Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  4. thanks for the suggestions on what needs to be worked out on this and as a follow up how would a centurion level work on this uniform there aren't many level 3 guidelines on the rebels tk. and for clarity the cover strips you refer to on the shin is that a exterior cover strip? I was trying to preserve the indent line on the rear of the shin armor. is there any suggestions for how to achieve the correct look here. thanks for the input I think im the first rebels tk to try for EIB status so I know this is a work in progress.
  5. having an issue with adding the required photos for approval it is only allowing a 1.87 mb photo upload
  6. NATHAN CUTHBERTSON TK ID #36777 CUTHBJA CAROLINA GARRISON armor and helmet is Walts Trooper Factory blaster is a star wars rebels blaster conversion dlt 19 is a scratchbuilt prop from happy trooper template pauldron has added 7th fleet patch from Rebels.
  7. question concerning the star wars rebels tk.  I will be posting for expert infantry status soon and those requirements seem very straightforward.  my questions are:  will this build ever have level 3 status on all the components and be eligible for centurion status.  also I have added the chimaera to the paulderon and a animation inspired dlt19 can these be added to the crl

    1. ukswrath


      According to the new staff the CRLs are going to be going through an extensive overhaul this year. When? I have no idea. During that time there will be a discussion thread where facts and screen shots are talked about.


      I can say this working of past CRLs, if there's a Pauldron or DLT19 associated with this character than it will most like be added. 


      Hope this helps

  8. I will be requesting expert status in the next day or two and the crl is fairly clean on this part of the approval. my question is about centurion status. only one or two costume pieces have level three requirements listed so will the expert level be the highest approval for the rebels tk?
  9. Keeping lothal safe... Carolina garrison TK36777 Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  10. http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=25448 Now let's work on that level 2 certification! And whi do I contact about adding a dlt 19 and the chimaera paulderon
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