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  1. Blaster stand: http://tshobbies.com/star-wars-e-11-blaster-stand/ I'm really happy with it.
  2. Range test video 6 round "movie" mag: stock 34 rd mag: This is using Remington "yellow box" ammo. I tried out the cold tracers and they were barely visible in the bright light and the short range I was on. I also have some phosphorus tracers that will definitely show up day or night. Just can't shoot them indoors. You can't hear the sound effects because I have them over bluetooth to ear buds. My sound effects were hit and miss - the vibration sensor I am using is not quite sensitive enough. I will have to go to this one but it will be super sensitive and going off all the time. Oh well. Still, so much fun.
  3. Sorry, I've been too preoccupied with real life to keep up with this thread. But I have managed to paint this thing and it looks beautiful. I analyzed to death what color I wanted this thing and in the end I just could not justify putting rattle can spray paint on it. I finally decided to use Duracoat matte black which is an extremely durable epoxy paint made specifically for firearms and I could not be happier with the results. I also decided to go with a gloss black on the handgrip and that immediately looked amazing and just looked very old-school law enforcement to me. I am still working on the Hengstler housing for the sound effect circuit. That will be on next week. Sighting the laser on my homemade M38 laser sight is tricky and I need to take some time with a bore sight to get it in the ballpark before I waste a bunch of ammo sighting it in. I plan on checking that off the list this weekend. So hopefully next week I can put it through its paces at the range with full electronics. Meanwhile I have some subsonic red tracer ammo coming for outdoor fun. Should look somewhat like a nice, slow blaster bolt and not completely drown out my sound FX. To assuage some of your fears that I will troop with this, I don't even own armor. I just like building functional Star Wars props. Next project: real firetrooper flamethrower.
  4. A good suggestion but it still won't fix the looking like felgercarb problem. I'll just be patient until I can get at my wannawanga tracks.
  5. Thanks! I'll try and get it to the range this week.
  6. Here's the case I used. A little paint and you can have one too. <br><br> You'll want to add some pick and pluck foam to replace the bottom foam that comes with it. <br><br> <a data-ipb='nomediaparse' href='http://www.hobbytron.com/PForce27InchAirsoftRifleHardCarryingCase.html'>http://www.hobbytron.com/PForce27InchAirsoftRifleHardCarryingCase.html</a>
  7. Ok, foam done. Now to re-engage the real world for awhile. T-tracks and a full paint and I'll call it complete. Another day though.
  8. It's the only way to legally convert the Sterling to semi-auto. If you prefer the open bolt, no problem. $20,000 will get you one
  9. It's a semi-auto closed bolt conversion. You are used to seeing the full-auto open bolt spring system.
  10. The t-tracks are completely unacceptable! I suppose they will do until I can get Roy's on there but they do suck something fierce. I also painted up a case for it awhile back and now that it is together I can get the shaped foam in there.
  11. Yup. Blanks have less, to no, recoil compared to a 95 grain bullet though.
  12. About the t-track: the holes are for mounting. I have a set of Roy's t-track but we are building a house and we've moved from our old house and most everything I own is packed up until November - including that t-track. And Roy is on vacation and not selling it right now. I had what I thought was a brilliant idea of 3D printing some t-track that would snap into the barrel shroud holes to hold the whole track nice, flat, and secure during firing. The barrel shroud holes are not perfectly even, however, so I had to improvise with mounting screws. They actually look pretty cool when on. I'll post pics.I They look like I outsourced them to a preschool I will definitely be putting Roy's t-track on here when I get my hands on it. I'm not sure though if real t-track is dependable enough to stay put during live firing. This gun has more recoil than you would think a 9MM carbine would have from the inertia of the bolt. I did not want to use a real M38 for two reasons. Since this is a real shooter, you need some way to sight the weapon and a real M38 just does not fit the bill. So I built my own scope with an adjustable laser sight. I used an off the shelf laser sight and modeled the scope so that it would fit inside and be able to turn on and off easily. The scope is switched on and off by depressing the top screw on the front of the scope. Unfortunately the objective end of the scope must be removed when sighting it in. The second reason is that I wanted to keep the weapon as light as possible and a brass scope did not seem to fit that objective very well. I will post video of live firing soon. I'm pretty sure that the bluetooth audio mech still needs some tweaking under live fire conditions though.
  13. I've been working on this gun since last November. What you are looking at is a functional 9MM semi-auto E-11 blaster. I'm just waiting for my t-tracks to dry and I'll bolt them on. All the greeblies are removable and no permanent changes have been made so that gun can be converted back to a 100% stock Sterling (it's worth about $1,700 so it would be a shame to destroy it). And yes, it is legally registered as an SBR for those of you who are aware of the legalities involved. The scope is a functioning laser scope (see the red dot on the ESB poster logo). The Hengstler houses a bluetooth device that plays a blaster souond effect when the gun is fired. I 3D designed and printed the scope, Hengstler bracket, and t-tracks. I also 3D designed the scope rail and had it machined from aluminum for rigidity and to keep the weight down. The hollow Hengstler and the power cells I purchased from Shapeways. The cherry on top is the VIP cold tracer rounds that it fires look just like a blaster bolt. This is as close as you are ever going to get to firing a real blaster!
  14. I'm in the thick of building the most realistic, live-fire E-11 possible. Based on a real Sterling L2A3 (of course), it will have a custom working red-dot sight that looks as near to a M38 scope as possible while still being real-world functional as a tactical red-dot. As a bonus, the sight has an integrated visible red laser sight. The semi-auto rifle will fire 9mm cold tracer rounds which pretty much look identical to the blaster fire in the films. ( ) The concept of the rifle is 99% and I feel it just needs that extra 1% to make everyone at the range audibly say "WTF, is that an actual functioning blaster???" It needs LOUD synchronized blaster sound effects. I'm talking loud enough to be audible over the actual gunfire and heard through hearing protection. I've been noodling this problem for awhile and tried a few things. I've landed on syncing either the trigger pull or the bolt cycling to a bluetooth switch that plays a blaster fire sound effect through a bluetooth speaker. I'm team Apple so I've experimented on my iPhone but a remote triggering of a play event is too latent to sync with the actual fire event. I'm not opposed to a wired solution if it can be easily connected/disconnected from the firearm AND can be discreetly hidden somehow. I need the ideas of the collective mind to figure out a solution. Ideas?
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