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  1. Thank you very much Tony. Those pages are great. And thank you Eric for letting me know the construction is basically the same. That's a bit of a relief because finding any instructions on a hero helmet build seems all but impossible.
  2. Hey everyone. I've been searching for a couple days, digging as deep as I can into these and other forums and I'm having zero luck finding a good tutorial on building a hero helmet. I'm new to the whole helmet building thing (my armor came with a completed stunt helmet) and while I'm finding a lot of advice and some videos on building stunt helmets, I'm not sure if there's any major differences between building them and building a hero (aside from a couple small bits like number of screws on the ears that is). It's a WTF hero kit if that's any help. Any advice or links would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Ok, got the blank email again today and ordered the conversion kit (I wanted the pipe kit but the Canadian dollar sucks right now and, while my wife has been patient with my stormtrooper expenses so far, that patience is clearly beginning to show some cracks... the conversion kit was $50 with exchange right now). Thanks for the info guys. I'd have never known otherwise.
  4. Dang. Wish id know that when the blank email came in. Nothing since and it still says out of stock.
  5. Thanks folks. I completely missed the "notify me" thingy below the product. I've entered the email address. Now the waiting begins.
  6. Hi folks. I'm just trying to find out if anyone's been buying product from Doopydoos lately. I sent an inquiry regarding a product that was currently out of stock, didn't hear from them for a week, then got a blank email from them. I requested that they resend the email but I've heard nothing back. The product I was inquiring about was the Hasbro conversion kit for the E-11, though I had been thinking about the pipe kit. However, the correspondence issue has left me extremely hesitant to send any orders. I was just wondering if anyone has dealt with them lately or is it a dead site? Thanks. ~Brad
  7. Welcome. I'm not too far from you...Burnaby. Well, not walking distance, but closer than some. Good luck on the build.
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, and sorry for not getting back until now... schedule has been pretty crazy lately. I appreciate all the encouraging words. I've been wanting one of these kits since I first heard there was such a thing (I think I saw it advertised in a magazine and it was just called "white armor"). I'll pop on when I can and I'm sure I'm going to have questions as I go along... not just on the armor build but the electronics as well (head set or lapel mic for in-helmet install, for example, and I'll likely have questions about coolers and placement). Just trying to think ahead there though. Anyhow, hope you don't mind too many noob-type questions.
  9. Thanks everyone. I may have given the wrong impression... I'm certainly not slapping this suit together (I am, in fact, doing it at an almost intolerably slow pace due to my schedule... I think for a while there I was only getting one piece cut every two or three days). I believe what I meant was more along the lines of "I'm trying to do the best job possible but as this is my first build I'm not expecting it to be 501st quality immediately". That probably better represents my current mindset. I've not worked with a lot of plastics (at least for armor-type builds...I'm far more experienced with foam rubber and silicone) so I'm learning as I go. The suit will eventually be displayed most of the time but I've got full intentions to wear it as well (hence my hopefully-soon-to-arrive Icomm voice unit). I suspect that as I learn more I'll probably want to mod more. Which is why I'm only gluing with e6000 as I've heard really good things about it's adhesion, as well as the ability to disassemble a suit that's been put together with it. That being said, I'm hoping to do it right the first time. Andy, thanks for the link. I'll check them out.
  10. Hi folks. I have to admit, I'm not here because of a desire to join the 501st (I have very little time on my hands to begin with, even though i love the idea of it). It was in fact the nearly desperate desire to own and my eventual acquisition of Stormtrooper armor that led me to frantically accost Google in an attempt to get some idea of what to do with it. I came across a beautifully detailed tutorial of the very armor I have (Anovos) by Ukswrath, which of course came from this site. At this point of the build, I'm feeling the need to chime in with my own questions, so here I am. Though I'm not at this point interested in going all the way into a fully screen accurate, 501st approved suit, I may at some point wish to, and...well... this seemed to be the place to get that information. A quick bit about myself: as the title suggests, I'm Canadian. Originally from Ontario, I moved out to BC about 20 some years ago to work in the film industry as a special effects makeup artist, so it's rather fortunate that's what I ended up doing. Also act occasionally and have a published book floating around the used book store aisles. Anyway, hope you don't mind me asking questions from time to time. Thanks.
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