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  1. I mounted mine on brackets to the hovi mics, seemed ok, lots of air and lots of room
  2. Been told that twice and still on the list, they get snaffled up pretty quick, hope you get on the next run. They do sometimes have seconds too, not too bad, slight wrinkles may be an option
  3. ATA should be fine but measure twice order once, give them your measurements and see what they say
  4. Had been thinking of this one, didn't know anyone else was, thought of using a white silicone to make the plate and have switches underneath, think it would be awesome
  5. Been on the list for about 12 weeks, still think there worth it
  6. Thanks guys just thought it would save cluttering up the new members introduction thread
  7. Very nice work, good luck deciding on an armor, took me a while too, don't like parting with money and finding out I've made a wrong decission
  8. Either start a new thread or contact the forum moderator http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/index.php?app=forums&module=extras&section=stats&do=leaders
  9. Your counter is in the same spot as I have mine so I hope it's right, looking good there
  10. Just thought I should mention you should move your build from the new member area to one of the build sections, Nice work so far
  11. Nice turn out, awesome photo's thanks for sharing
  12. Made all of mine myself, wasn't really hard, well if your handy with a sewing machine
  13. Hello and welcome, lots of info and help can be found here
  14. Hello and welcome, lots of info and help can be found here, I'm still waiting on my ATA, got them to send the helmet first as they sometimes have them in stock, I also was waiting 18 weeks, think I'm down to 3 now
  15. Hello and welcome, lots of info and help can be found here
  16. All the little bits add up in the end, keep up the good work You can use a heat gun to slightly warm plastic and bend to the position you want, hold until it cools down.
  17. MMMM the smell of melting plastic lol. Going well there, keep up the good work
  18. Going leaps and bounds, keep up the good work
  19. I use 2x9volt holders at and a double aa holder in my ata lid, I also use small computer cpu fans, very slender and fits in just to the side of hovi mics
  20. Hello and welcome, lots of info and help can be found here
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