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  1. if you go with an MTK the sides already come extended for bigger waists at that height
  2. did anovos make the 7's? curious if the new suits are more comfortable
  3. if the fans are really that loud you could get a spy-ear type hearing device, tape it under your forearm or wherever and plug in some noise cancelling earbuds.. they arent perfect but other than that id say opt for some quieter fans. i use evilboy's kit and can still hear people fine that are under 5 feet away -------------
  4. i have one of those helmets. the cheeks and tubes are crushed in a little and it looks flat, i heated mine up with a heatgun and blew it out a little to look more correct. theyre slushcast resin recasts of the fiberglass set for stun helmet that was 3d scanned off the screen used original back in mid 2000's.
  5. use a smoke motorcycle visor if you cant get in touch with a maker. iirc trooperbay ships lens material internationally
  6. i work for verizon but i have tmobile. the 5c,5s, and iphone 6 dont have a whole lot of difference. same cameras and stuff. the s has the fingerprint scanner and the 6 is just bigger and the battery lasts 2 hrs longer. i get more calls about droids not working than any other phone, iphones come in a close 2nd. i havent had anyone complain about the galaxy s4 or 5.
  7. Since the Legion has passed that no new members may be approved with an FX bucket, i felt a poll as to why grandfathered troopers with them was appropriate. Do you have plans to upgrade in the future, or are you old school and "if it came with the kit, it stays with the kit"? your vote is anonymous.
  8. a space station? poor ben must be going senile, i can see where he may have gotten confused... art credit: http://smattila.deviantart.com/art/In-the-Coldness-of-Space-154601709
  9. one of my suits had that issue, i just cut it at the angle with the thigh so it wouldnt stick my butt. sometimes comfort is more important that aesthetics. it looks weird, but people wont be looking there. he should ask the gml, but id just trim it off. you def dont want it tearing a hole in the undersuit.
  10. iirc JR recast FX in order to supply the uk with the fx suits we had in the states ~10 years ago before the more accurate (and costly) suits were in demand
  11. make it yourself out of a thick for sale sign or extra abs, its quite easy and holds well with a rough sanding and 2 part epoxy. screen derived size, fx, custom td also, the buttons are... pennies! sanded down, painted with enamel, and epoxied.
  12. they mustve found it floating in space after the death star blew up
  13. man i didnt even know people were posting in this thread lol. a lot of guys in my squad just stand around, i'm the active one that talks to people. the public don't like when you're too in character and silent like a team mascot that's not allowed to say anything. being social matters
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