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  1. Thank you very much everyone for your help! I've already started work to keep going.
  2. Sounds great, just let me know if there's anything else needed. Having fun working on this. Been trooping it for years and have been meaning to do this. Glad to finally get going.
  3. That's right! Brilliant event one of my most favorite ones! Yeah after that troop I removed the bolt and replaced it with some aluminum flashing. dropped a good pound or two, the demil definitely gets heavy as the day goes on. Really makes me wish single point slings were canon! I did swap from Makaze to Parjai as I moved to NW Florida for a new job. Definitely miss Orlando and folks there but I've got a good group here too, just wish Disney and such wasn't 7hrs away!
  4. I wish I lived back in Orlando so I could link at one of the TK Sweatshop armor parties. Always missed them when I lived in Orlando. Thankfully up here we have 850 Armorworks locally so sometimes I can get in on a build part. Should make getting myself a R1 TK easy enough in the future too! I got a chance to crack away at the thermal det and got it down to our 7.5 inch size on the dot. Had to slice off some and redo some screws' placement. I also had a chance to set upo an album to more easily view my photos. I've been wrestling with the forum's file size limits and that's made uploading tough. TK-3437 I also have my 3 glove options laid out. The two shorter ones are the dipped fabric gloves while the long ones are vintage chem gloves I got when I bought an old surplus gasmask. It's been nice to have options. The shorter ones make it a little easier to manipulate items since they are thinner rubber so they are typically my trooping ones.
  5. Thanks for the notes. I took a ton of photos and sorting them has been a pain. Trying to get them straight. I'll have to look into the kidney plate some more, but I did a suit up right after I noticed that darn shoulder strap got tucked. Didn't think that made it into my upload. I went and made several other corrections as well. More to come. Working on an Imgur album to hopefully make the photo uploads a bit easier.
  6. Thanks, the ab buttons have been a bit of a pain but I'm tweaking those. Got the paint off of a few spots though.
  7. Cool thanks! I can get working on that hopefully today. Working on getting all the photos together and uploaded.
  8. Gaines Tidwell TK-3437 ISD Vengeance Florida Garrison Mandatory Information Armor = AP? Helmet= AP? Blaster= Demilled Sterling SMG Optional Height = 6 ' 1 Weight = 170 Boots = TK Boots Canvas belt = Homemade Hand Plates = Unknown Electronics= Aker Neck Seal = Anovos Holster = Homemade
  9. If the details are there and it is built correctly I don't think it would prevent you from getting approved. All depends on what your GML says about the details. Recasting is a big no no around here but I've not heard of it preventing approval. The key I'd think is if the proper details are in place, if its too soft I could see them rejecting it.
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