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  1. If the details are there and it is built correctly I don't think it would prevent you from getting approved. All depends on what your GML says about the details. Recasting is a big no no around here but I've not heard of it preventing approval. The key I'd think is if the proper details are in place, if its too soft I could see them rejecting it.
  2. Nice to see troopers doing something int he trailer already. Plus we could have jetpacks too.
  3. Thank God little has changed. Though the leaks for the possible 709th red helmet are something new. Perhaps this trooper type will have more than 10 seconds of screen time!
  4. The power cylinders are nice, but it is still plenty screen accurate "naked". It's an upgrade I'm interested in but it's another $100 minimum that could go further in other project upgrades that would make more of a difference. I think I do have a resin set I could play with if it s that important to have now. The scratch builds do look like some fun, but I need to make more headway on other projects like my Death Trooper before tossing on another!
  5. I get a lot of flak for waiting as long as I have. I hate I sold my alpha as early as I did now, but hopefully I'll be up in a few months with any real luck.
  6. Despite the weight I've not run into any issues with the demilled save for Celebration. I've trooped with it since the beginning. I also have an SE-14R and a hyperfirm DLT-19 if that's ok.
  7. I have a demilled Sterling and I've tried to only use original parts with it, thus far it has a working M38 and a real Hengstler counter (Sadly not an eagle) mounted to it. I'd rather not glue on some resin/printed power cylinder for approval and while the metal replicas are excellent their price point is somewhat significant for a small detail that was not on every E11. Are the power cylinders and absolute or more of a idealized guideline? Thanks. also it has been been way too long since I looked into doing this program!
  8. Anyone have a lead on identifying those clips we see all over the armour?
  9. This concept art is great but someone needs to spill the goods on a photo of a complete set of armor. I get my hopes up with every leak. The premier gets closer and closer and we don't have new armor ready yet haha.
  10. I really like what I've seen armor wise that has been leaked so far. hard to tell what we will get at this point though, as the helmets we have seen in the past do not look like the ones here. I'm glad to see the Sterling and the use of pauldrons and drop leg items though I can't wait until we finally see a photo of a full set of armor not from concept art.
  11. Very interesting find. Shame we don't have a lot of reference of this. I do love the SE-14R and the idea that we are still finding things to tweak is fun. Also I find it interesting it is holstered backwards like some sort of cavalry pistol.
  12. Looking great so far. I'm jealous you got your hands on an M19!
  13. Did a little work on my blaster, and finally mounted the counter. She is almost EIB ready.
  14. I'll try to get some more detailed shots. The rails are actually something I picked up from a local hardware store. They fit the bill rather well and I mainly went with them because they were metal and would last longer than rubber or resin.
  15. I've had this demill for a little bit now as I slowly got my TK project up and running. I've managed to get an actual M38 (1943) and an actual Hengstler (sadly not an eagle). I'm hoping I can get some metal power cylinders. I like the setup she is in now, but I'm hoping to go Centurian sometime so with current standards I'll have to get my counter mounted and find some nice power cylinders. I know he T rails aren't quite right, but I really like the fact they are metal instead of plastic, resin, or rubber. Anyways here are some shots of
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