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  1. I agree with Darth on this one... Velcro is the way to go! (and Velcro is a trademarked name, so it should be capped...)
  2. WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!! The last EIB of 2011, and the first Centurion of 2012... I'll take that!
  3. Helmet details... Other details (not seen easily above...) If you need better pics of my forearms showing no return edge, let me know. Hey... maybe I can be the first of 2012.
  4. Forum name : Bluey Full Name: Noel Green TK ID: 8541 Garrison: Dewback Ridge Garrison Armor: TM 1.5 mm Helmet: TM Blaster: Hyperfirm Height: 5'9" Weight: 185lbs Boots: TKboots lCanvas belt: TKittel Electronics: TK Products (Jim Sauter) Neck seal: TK-409 Holster: Bret Proud Gloves: Silk, short (screen accurate) Can I be Centurion before 2012?! hahaha
  5. WOO HOO!! I just saw I did it. Actually saw I had the badge before hand. Now on to Centurion! Happy New Year Everyone!!!
  6. There are a lot of good places to see the hand plates on line... my website here is one of them. The scene where they're "cuffing" Chewie when Han is about to be frozen in carbonite is good. As well as some other choice shots... like this one... Basically you want to cut off most of the return all the way around and just leave a curve. The back can go all the way up to the edge with no return. Look at the movie though for reference over listening to anyone at all. Good luck! ESB = RULES!
  7. Finally! Pics of the Blaster.... (sorry... there's been some stuff going on...) I can — hopefully — either just make it as the last of 2011... or as the first of 2012!
  8. Yes, hopefully Centurion is next!! And yes, the glove slipped. They're the standard ESB short silk gloves. And yes, I'll give close up pics of the blaster and "D" ring specifically.
  9. Armor= TM Helmet= TM Blaster= Hyperfirm Height = 5'9" Weight = 185lbs Boots = TKboots Canvas belt = TKittell Hand Plates = TM Electronics = TK Products (Jim Sauter) Holster = Bret Proud
  10. I'm selling my TD set right now. It not damaged, and id love to see it stay dirty, but whoever buys it could do whatever they want with it of course. It's a fully assembled set of TE2... if you're interested check out the For Sale thread or PM me.
  11. FIVE


    I'm on. It's just something new... and something else that's trying to let us "communicate" more. We shall see and time will tell. (fwiw I like it so far)
  12. Thanks for the props yo!
  13. Awesome pics! Awesome job! I couldn't help but wonder... did you get a deal on the FBJ belt?
  14. YES... TM all the way since you ask. Just depends on what you want though. - height would be good in TM. - TM is strong stuff. It's ABS. Get it 2mm if you want it like FX. But my 1.4mm is totally amazing and will last a long time I have no doubt! - TM is a harder build than FX, but you can do it. And if you go TM "all the way" that would include a lid... right? You can't get new FX armour anymore. You know that right? It's AM armor now. But yes, your price point guess is pretty good.
  15. It's in between. It is actually a mix between the humbrol midnight blue and some "blue" paint. They look darker in pics, lighter in person, and perfect to me in every regard. No more obsessing over those.
  16. Yes... honestly my joke is going to have to be changed, because I'm completely happy with this set of armor too. It's the first one I've assembled and trooped in and not been thinking the whole time, "I can't wait to get home and fix ___________ to troop again!" It's because I took the time and did it right the first time!
  17. It doesn't take much! And hey... if I ever meet someone that says, "I'm done with my armor..." I'll wonder about them. haha
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