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  1. Thanks for the advice everyone!! I had a feeling it would come down to AP or ATA. I talked to a couple of guys at a con recently who also recommended TE2, but no one here seemed to recommend that for my situation. Any reason why? Also - yes I understand some ladies like to cut their armor in a fem way, but I'm going for the traditional stormy look. I really appreciate the input and will keep you up to date on my build! Thanks!
  2. Hello!! I'm looking to start my second (and much better) TK build, but I've been having a really hard time determining which kit to go with. I currently have an FX, which is much too large on me but was a good learning experience in terms of getting experience in basic armor assembly. I'm female, 5'6'', 120 lbs. (I have some shoe lifts to take me up to 5'8 to try and avoid the inevitable short trooper jokes). I'd like a kit that looks great trimmed down to size. Any suggestions?? Anyone else with my similar build who has pictures of their trimmed and assembled armor? I don't have any significant budgetary constraints or ABS vs HIPS pref. I just want a kit that will fit well. I'm very serious about getting this build right, and I'd really appreciate any advice. Also it's tough to find tk shoes in a size 6 women's (Size 4 men's)!!! Are there any out there that come in sizes smaller than a men's 9? Thanks! Sasha
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