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  1. I am also planning on using my anovos armor set and doing a shock trooper. I am just hoping that the backpack wont be necessary.
  2. Probably a silly question but how do you attach the input jack?
  3. I was wondering if anyone knows best place to get two small speakers forinside of bucket to be hooked up to a exterior amplifier. with a regular size jack like for an ipod. perferably on the cheapside
  4. Was wondering whats a good cheap blaster to take apart for its electronics for a mg15? Thanks in advance
  5. Just wanted to post a thank you to td2557 for all of his help, how has guided and helped me alot along the way.
  6. Heres a more current pic of the forearms: Is that enough trim off? and heres what scuffing happened naturally on the boots so far (its wierd the one boot scuffed alot more than the other)
  7. figured it was worth the try, ill fix it someday.
  8. Here We go! Tyler Brinckerhoff TK-4395 Empire City Garrison Forum Name:dante12721 Armor- ATA Helmet- MTK Blaster- Resin Build Height- 5'11" Weight- 180lbs. Boots- TK Boots Canvas Belt- MTK Hand Plates- ATA Electronics- Aker Neckseal- Evilbay Holster- Bondservnt Overall Pics: Helmet: S trim Shoulder straps glued front: back affixed no snaps, rivets, brads showing: Forearms: No return edge: Hand plates & gloves 5 star pattern sewn: ' Chest to back connection: White elastic: Abb Plate: Split Rivets: (both abb plate and kidney) Single Male Snap: Split Rivet at Crotch: Butt Plate: 2 male snaps: Belt: Closed Drop boxes: Thighs: split rivets and rounded corners: Lower Legs: only glue used: Boots: Blaster: Heres a link to EIB acceptance: http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?showtopic=18663&st=0
  9. The trimming was done a little while ago, and it was a matter of just adjusting the straps on the arms to fix them.
  10. Heres everything fixed (Im pretty sure) turned out i could fix everything pretty quick
  11. heres the helmet with the fixed eyes and painted screws:
  12. Thanks for the quick reply, since these pictures i have allready sanded the eye sockets, trimmed the thigh back strips. Ill paint the screws soon. The only thing im worrued about as far as lowering the biceps is that it would limit arm movement even more since they would be touching the forearm armor while the arm is in its normal unbent position. Ill give it a try though. as far as the shoulder bell straps ill not pull them around the biceps while putting on the armor i missed that req. when i was building. I should have everything fixed maybe within a month or 2.
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