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  1. Nice BFG mate Additionally, very bold sofa choice too
  2. On my previous TM I faked it with screws only - on my new RS I hav full brackets.....however..... I don't hang the armour on the bracket but place the elastic through it and then attach to the armour...not by snaps just by good ole superglue!! Gets the best of both worlds!
  3. This was a brilliant troop - fantastic pix lol. Good to see we looked good - as the inspection moved down the line I'd fogged up and was brasting for the little TKs room lol.......didn't have a clue how we looked lol!!!
  4. ......this was cool!! Love the float as the shield handle lol!!
  5. It's how I started out mate....then you'll dip your toe in, next the foot.....& here I am 2 years later in my 3rd TK kit lol. ........I'll never forget the first time I put on that FX and walked into the public domain..10 FEET TALL!! Do what you feel - it's all kit, it can be tampered with, sold on, etc.
  6. No mate - I prefer the velcro strip up the back - keeps it ridgid (& less of a pain in the aris to get on & off)
  7. I'm looking to do a char-i-dee 10k run or two.....in my TK armour lol. Has anyone done this before? Tips? Experiences?
  8. Hey all - I was just poncing around in my new RS this weekend and the calves kept migrating up & over the top of my chelsea boot!! I've tabbed velcro to the boots & bottomd of the shind but I'm not sure how it'll stand up to trooping......& it's a big weekender in Birmingham coming up? Any better ideas than my poxy velcro?
  9. STOP THAT BUILD!!!!!! The forearms...all the detail is at the top. Line up from there and then just trim the bottoms. Also the left thigh is a muddy-funster - on the bottom lip but at the top of the rim, line up the top of the 'triangle' front/centre. It will look crackers with odd bits at the top & bottom. The bottom will be covered bt the battery pack & you can cover the top to an extent wirh a strip.....it is accurate though. If in doubt talk to Rob & Si
  10. I'm soooooooo please you've gone for this version - awsome bucket & in my opinion the pick of the bunch!! Different to the otheres & what we have now DEFO future purchase!!! As for the assembly - I'll leave this for the more experienced to comment on...........but the yoke over the collar bone and solid look give it a real armour feel..love it!!
  11. Pete - that's alot of scaffold. Could the light, non load-bearing pieces (top of the cod & ab sections) be attached to the undersuit directly a la bikerscout? Either by poppers or velcro? It might 'ride' better. Additionally Kevin will there be a section at the central lower back to attach the top of the butt or will it be fixed directly to the belt?
  12. Kevin - interested? absolutely! I think most people will be. I've bought & built your kit before & it's fantastic. I doubt I can contribute too much on the details & build of this but it's great to see the brainstorming. Size - again I agree, being 6'3" I maybe out of the range a little but an ideal template is the TKs we have now in my opinion Timeframe: Whenever it gets done Helmet: All are good although this one reminds me a little of my inflatable companion, Martha
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