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  1. I count the first big "block" as a ridge btw... you're counting right.
  2. There should be 6 ridges before they reach the "end" of the chest plate and hang off in the back, so it looks like you're holding them down far enough. You need to do a couple of things that I can tell... move them over so they're more angled and pointing inward on the chest cut them down a bit closer so the "edge" isn't as wide clamp the hell out of them and glue them down Here are mine for reference... ----- But do NOT use "ME" as reference... Go look at screen grabs and such to see how much to cut off, how much to angle, and so on. I think the main thing you're doing wrong is the angle.
  3. Yes... this is what I've done. You can read about it on the MEPD here.
  4. What will totally rock is if my application in a few weeks is the last one and the DL of the MEPD is the one that ties it.
  5. Makes perfect sense. Yes... you can do that; the look not the reality. Form over function.
  6. The only place I found actual split rivets was 5 minutes from my house at the local mountain True Value. haha This is the small, locally owned store ran by all my mountain-folk friends. They ROCK... and have EVERYTHING!!! That was after searching the entire metro of Albuquerque proper. Then I found out I didn't need them anyway.
  7. OH! Legs of the brads!!! No... they had the snaps glued on top of them for the standard strapping... so they're not "there."
  8. Thanks! Where do you see a picture of my legs? I don't have them done yet... Well, I have one done, and it doesn't pinch.
  9. "Move along" buckets just tend to have really small openings — like mine. The helmet on SWH has been "broken" too, so it allows that movement. You can't move them once they're fully assembled.
  10. That's right. Go to Office Depot or Staples and grab a box of these. The heads should be 3/8"... but the measurement on the box is for the length of the brad part. So just be aware of that. Most brads are 3/8" top, but if you have a question about it remember you're in an office supply store and there is probably a ruler right next to you. Here they are (pre-painted) on my armor.
  11. The higher the brow the smaller the opening.
  12. Late spring should be best... unless it's humid there; that is the thing that will kill you more than anything — humidity. But yes, the can should tell you. Follow those directions as closely as possible. Perfect conditions? My house in the east mountains of Albuquerque, New Mexico about any time of year.
  13. Congratulations man! Now... get a sandtrooper already...
  14. In ESB the forearms didn't have an edge on either side... at least in this photo. (just FYI) -----
  15. Listen to Juan... it is your destiny! hahaha
  16. And E-6000 will peel off if you need it to. Patience now for glue to dry is better than later for replacement armor parts.
  17. Dude, your armor is awesome!!! AND... we could totally be brothers!!! (or at least we could both compete for WASH look-a-likes from Firefly)
  18. Yeah... ditch the pauldron would be the main thing.
  19. Yeah, the ears are a PAIN the first time for sure! You did a great job though I think! Does the left ear tilt forward? I can't tell... and I didn't know if this kit was meant to do that or not.
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