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  1. Can you do a screenshot of what your screen looks like when you switch to the default IP skin? Also, let us know what browser you're using. If you're using IE 5, 6, or 7... possibly 8... that's probably it. Stop using IE now anyway. Seriously.
  2. This is my buddy and life long friend from high school. The thing is, he's been accepted by KickStarter.com... so it actually might could possibly maybe happen!
  3. Or plastic from storage bins works too. Anything white and plastic that matches... be creative.
  4. That's what I get for just pasting in a link.
  5. Hey... I'm the one who said, "Oh... we've disabled that..."
  6. Well said boss! And that's the truth 100 x over! Now then... I'm not usually one to get into these things — and this isn't getting into it really anyway — but, I did just see this on facebook and had to comment on it... This is his finished armor? Look at the tops of the legs. And the way the forearms or the shins are assembled. They're all just overlapped... no finishing strips. Not to mention the "ammo knee plate." Aren't those really small?? I've seen photos of his armor before, but never really took time to LOOK at it... because I don't care. This is just a little more accurate than AM armor. I'm not dissing AM, I think AM is beautiful, idealized armor and a GREAT kit... but AM doesn't claim what AA is claiming either. Again... I'm not getting into this... just had to share this picture.
  7. Hmm... I'm not seeing anything that should stop you. And I take that back on the PM limit. I was thinking of the For Sale threads. I'll let someone else answer this.
  8. Congrats guys! Sorry the final one couldn't be me. I'm gonna go deploy 30 more tonight so you'll have something else to aspire to.
  9. I thought that was an awfully silly question from you...
  10. It's not you. There is a post limit to use the PM system now.
  11. The originals were riveted. You can see the rivets, and holes, on starwarshelmets.com in the pics there.
  12. FIVE


    You bet! I'm actually getting pretty good at finding things... that time it only took me like 15 minutes.
  13. FIVE


    Here's a list of common acronyms. And here's a whole discussion on this topic... Yes... but, "Trill-Krill" is pronounced "Tee-Kay" in basic — the spoken language. Just like the western alphabet has different pronunciations for many letters... especially if you're talking to someone other than an American.
  14. As a general rule I really do dislike HWT and SE stuff... but I always love it when I see it... and, as always, THIS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. You helped too Daetrin!
  16. Those new pics help a LOT! I totally thought it was just the light on the first one. Hope you get it fixed! I'm watching!!
  17. OH!!!! I thought that was just a reflection... I'm kind of wondering if Tray didn't see what you were talking about either. That photo looks like you're showing the "ridge" on the back. Can you add some arrows showing what you're talking about for people who have worked too hard staring at the computer screen already, like me.
  18. I'm not seeing what's bad in this... Are you talking about the ridge on the back of the cap-n-back? That looks pretty normal to me. Look at my TM bucket... does this look similar, or am I missing what you're talking about? ------------
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