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  1. Okay... I know I'm obsessing over the ab buttons now... but here's a pic from today. See, pretty similar. Very "hand painted" but not "fuzzy."
  2. Sweet reference pics! Yes, I see now. I'll probably leave mine as it is for now. They're cleaner than the look in the pics I have on here; they "blur" for some reason... I'll try to post more soon for you so you can feel confident in talking about how awesome my armor is all day while you're out with friends — which I know you want to do. haha Seriously though, I appreciate those pics and the tip! Yes, to each his own, but I like being as good as I can be and we measure that "good" through the eyes of our peers as much as our own. Thanks man! I'm really excited to finally have an ESB. Now I can do sandtrooper or shiny. Good stuff.
  3. Here ya go ObiHahn... this pic was before I trimmed the edges to fit better... but you can see the "hand painted" buttons better here. They actually follow the sizes and placement of the sculpted buttons. I could see on the last pictures I uploaded that they looked even more "painted" than I think they are; this pic hopefully helps. (remember... this is before I trimmed the four button strip down more) Edit: hahaha... I just noticed that the above pic was before I DID clean up a couple of the buttons on tge 4 button strip... but still...
  4. No, I don't mind you saying; and thanks! I trooped in it today and have nothing pinching or that needs adjusting really at all... so I'm pretty pleased! I left the ab buttons that way to look more like they did in the reference pics I'd seen from the film. None of them on the film looked all perfect and masked off like lots of what you see now a days.
  5. Hi praise from you, bro! Thanks! Thanks! And you CAN save up for it! I did.
  6. Thanks! And yes... d-ring is "here" just not "there".
  7. Oh... one more thing/gush... another big "Thank you!" to TM for all the years, money, time, money, sweat, blood (& tears?), you spent (and money) making this so I can stand in front of my garage and feel like a kid again. (I never stopped feeling that way to be honest.)
  8. Here... it... is... I have more pictures that I'll submit for Elite and Centurion, but I want to get 501st approved first and get other feedback on these here first as well. So... what cha think?! (And yes, I do know I need to scuff the boots.)
  9. I don't think you'd have to shim TE2 at all...
  10. Excited to see this build too! I'm almost done with my ESB TM and couldn't be happier! Now I just need to go camping. Nah... I can be a happy non-camper.
  11. These are WAY shorter than mine!!
  12. Yes, that's right. And I already loosened them a lot. I probably just need to do it more. I realize the strap holding the shoulder bell "up" really is just keeping it from flying "outward." It's not really holding it "up"... they stay up anyway, with the bicep pushing up on them too. I may do nylon as well. Or some really thick elastic. Of course I'd rather have elastic — it's preferred for Centurion, though fabric works — but I have to be honest with myself that I'm not "accurate" anyway when it comes to strapping, so why worry about one "piece" and pretend it has more significance in being "authentic" than any other I've neglected. I suppose I want to keep them elastic because 1) they're more comfortable, and 2) they CAN be seen if people look. Thanks for all the tips everyone! I'll post if shortening and loosing works...
  13. Yes, I think the strap across the shoulders is my best bet. It's what I did with my TD armor — you can see that here — and works really well. I just like to ask before I do something "drastic."
  14. So I've got my TM ESB suit pretty much assembled, but I'm having the darnedest time keeping the shoulder bells from pulling the elastic "down" so you can see it on the edges. I don't have a picture, but here's a quick drawing... ---- Basically the shoulder bell pulls down on the elastic so it peaks out. I even added a 2nd snap, which helped, but it's still not staying tucked under. Do I need to make the elastic straps shorter, so they're 'tighter?' Or what other tips/tricks do people have for solving this?
  15. Well, as far as that goes, I could be too... but I think they only make urethane.
  16. Yes, all sci-fire are urethane/foam. I was asking about the one John posted a pic of. Side Note (i.e., derailing): Benji, the word "Its" in your signature image needs an apostrophe. It should be "It's". That is if you want to be correct.
  17. Is it resin?! That's so nice looking... I just can't bring myself to buy a resin blaster.
  18. Proves I don't actually read any of this. hahaha Very cool E11! What/who's version is this? And yes, very different... sort of...
  19. Agreed! But, do you also know that's Jeremy Bulloch walking next to Lando! Hmmm... did ya? Hmmmm?
  20. Those are great, however, if you love the night life and/or got to boogie.
  21. What?! This is crazy talk! Who are you? What have you done with the real Troopermaster?! Ahhh... I crack myself up sometimes. (only sometimes)
  22. Man, have I been asleep for 100 years... it feels like it! Just now catching up on all of this, and glad I looked. I'm finishing up my ESB, hoping for Centurion with it, and thought I'd check to make sure I had everything I needed... and wow, this is a big one to find! First saw it on the CRL, then was going to ask about it, but viola! there was already all of this write up. Like I said... 100 years. I looked through all my screen grabs and this is a good call I think! No elastic, and fastened in the back. I will probably go Velcro to fasten mine because I love the clam shell assembly for getting into the armor. Great job guys! Good eyes!!! One more thought... something else that you could possibly use if you wanted a "dual" ANH/ESB suit would be "Plasti-Tak" adhesive. It would hold — probably — pretty well, and yet would peal off easily.
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