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Found 2 results

  1. Many of you will already have noticed, but the FISD Forum has a brand new skin for 2012. Those of you who simply use the default skin or log on and off irregularly will notice as soon as you arrive, but for those of you who have chosen a skin from the skin changer menu in the bottom left hand corner of the page you will need to manually select FISD 2012 to see the changes. Anyone as crazy as me who leaves FISD open 24/7 on their desktop may need to refresh or empty your caches to see the changes and get the full new experience - but more on that later. First, as I always do, let me start by saying that the upgrade path is always fraught with surprises and a learning curve, so while we have done our best to stay on top of any glitches or bugs as more and more people start using it who knows what new issues might be discovered buried deep in the bowels of the Death Star, so feel free to post any oddities you may experience here. Secondly - if you are not seeing the new skin after refreshing (nicknamed Steel) you may need to empty your cache. This is easily done. Most browsers have an empty cache function either under program name drop down in the top left (as with Safari) or as part of the "Clear Browser Data" menu (as with Chrome or Firefox). The changes in 2012 are mostly cosmetic and won't require the learning curve of last years update but it is worth mentioning that the Login window now supports autosave - no more time spent retyping your name and password every time you show up! Now you can let your browser autofill for you. We are always endeavouring to make friendlier, better and easier to use and we count on our members feedback to keep improving. If you have any questions or issues with the update be sure to post them here or in the Tech Centre so we can be aware of them and keep FISD the best possible forum experience for all our users. ONE LAST THING: In order to protect ourselves against any potential issues we have left the '2011.2' and the '2011.White' skins as selectable options in the skin changer for the time being. However this is simply to grandfather them out and I suggest you switch to 2012 as soon as possible as in a week or so the 2011 skins will no longer be accessible. Well that's about it from me - enjoy the new FISD and be sure to let us know what you think! With Unquestioned Loyalty ZeroRoom Webmaster
  2. In order to make the user experience as great as possible for all our members we are continually updating and examining the forums for functionality and design. In order to help us going forward into the new year could everyone please take a moment to answer the poll above as to which of the two skin choices you prefer to use when browsing FISD - the white theme or the black/blue theme. If you have any particular reasons please list them in the replies. (For example: some people say they prefer the black theme as white hurts their eyes, while others say they prefer white because its the TK color). Thanks in advance for your help guys and girls. Understanding the wants and needs of members will ensure a continuing fantastic user experience here on FISD - one that we hope will become the best forum experience you can have on the web ZeroRoom out.
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