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  1. New redo everyone! whats the verdict? I feel im very close, If not there.
  2. OH WOW I didnt know that. ok cool ill fix the belt. Any ideas what to fill belt holes with? also Yes i see that miss alignment and ill fix that today. great info Thanks again
  3. Hey all again. Did some mods aaaand I feel like the shoulders are good now and I pulled up the thighs Im also adding a rear pic for your consideration. Let me know Thanks again! I realize th back plate is crooked I tightend one strap to much when dressing. and I think my bicepts need to go up.. beside that what else?
  4. cool thanks :-) ill be posting another pic tomorrow after some Glue Drys
  5. Sooo I though I did some changes but.. now that I see that pictures i dont think its any better looking.. but I can walk better. I shortened the calves and thighs. I still feel as if I have the same above issues you all mentioned. I heated up the shoulders bells and they now fit my arms but only issue is now they are flat against my arms and are still way out.. I can change how big my arms are so im stuck.. I may try to bring the top closer to the straps and instead of stretchy strap use a non stretchy strap.Think that might help?also the strap that around my arm on the shoulder bell might nee
  6. Awesome! thanks everyone. Ill do my best to start these changes and post more pics afterward
  7. Bells- I agree lol Only issue I have with is I used to work out a lot and my shoulder muscles are still rather big even though i don't work out anymore lolz. What do you recommend I do to shape them differently to fit better. heat them up? that makes me nervous. the inside of the bells are just to tight. Thighs- and calves are VERY close together and NO i cannot walk very well. I kept everything the size it came out of the box. can I just use a dremmel to shave down some? on top or near the knee? Thanks again!
  8. Hey all Over the past few months ive been slowly chipping away at my build. I feel like im at about 90% done. I feel like once I post the pics Ill get some great feedback to get me to 100%. In this picture The only thing I have wrong is the calves are not hooked in the back. Thats why they look so wide. The velcro is on order. Please let me know if you need more pictures and what not and what I can do to make sure I get approved. Also I have a slight interest in paying more money to make things more accurate if need be. This is a anovos.com kit I purchased. but I cut and built everything.
  9. Just received my new neck seal and Helmet fan kit in the mail last friday from trooperbay. Moving right along.
  10. This is great everyone! thanks so much. Ive been reading like mad through this site and watching some youtube videos. I guess my question is is there a spot that shows the difference between ROTJ, ANH, and ESB? I was told that ANH will be best for the anovos gear i bought. Im going to start with the fore arms tomorrow ! EEEK! Also a link to the spot that says the difference between basic, centurian, and the other one?
  11. Hey all! Im about to take what i have heard is an incredible journey into the path of building and fixing my first costume build. I purchased a "Classic Storm trooper Armor" set from anovos.com about a year and a half ago. Big brown box day has come and gone. and i'm still in the middle of trying to find accessories to complete everything I need. I would love any help I can get. ive been reading my way through whitearmor.net and the forums here. but still would love for a lot of help through this awesome time! I have attached the first 2 pictures to start off my build thread. In one pic is my
  12. Cool thanks guys! I was kinda hoping for this to be the start of my build thread. Am I in the right category for that? Thanks for the info so far and Yes id love to do it right the first time and take my time so yea I will try and aim for Centurion Level. Just received my TK boots in the mail yesterday and im getting the workbench all cleared off.
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