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  1. Here’s a link to my activity log, will that work? https://www.ukgarrison.co.uk/forum/my_ukg.php
  2. Hi I’ve been out of things these last few years minding my own business, trooping only occasionally, so I’m a little out of the loop. Have I missed something, as I’ve just been reading build threads younger than celebration Europe II, and people are still using #15 to paint their ab buttons? I stopped using this around 2008? Whats going on? What have I missed?
  3. I am amazed my photos are still up, like many others I have had trouble with photo bucket removing all of my links... still not not finished this build properly... it’s been well trooped in though...
  4. It will almost be impossible for me to go and update 12 years or so posts with new photo links. And there is no way I’m forking out 400 dollars a year. Thanks photofrackwit
  5. Laying down, getting down and up unaided is the new sitting down!
  6. Awesome thank you. I'm such a dufuss when it comes to it ;-)
  7. Hi,<br><br> My pc laptop was killed off by Windows 10, but that's for a separate thread.<br><br> Posting only on my iPad or iPhone I have trouble with <br> spacing and using photo bucket.<br><br> Do I have to use the use the mobile site version, not a fan of tapatalk. I like to see the forum as it should be?<br><br> I remember on my laptop you can toggle setting for replying but that option is not here on my iPad?
  8. The simple answer is trim to fit...<br><br> The long answer will depend on seeing photos you yourself in your kit.
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