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  1. I found that the plastic insert was not required after I had made a few belts. All of my belts were strong enough without to hold a blaster without any sag.
  2. My origin tutorial was from 2007 and I changed how I did things. I used 2 lengths of 3 inch wide white elastic for the base. This was covered both sides by either natural or white canvas. You can whiten the natural with shoe whitener for extra screen accuracy. The length of the belt needs to overlap around 4-5 inches to close in the back. Use around 4-5 inches of 2 inch wide Velcro to close. No need for any plastic insert, this will be strong enough. My belts had 4 layers. I use zigzag stitch the sew together and straight stitch for the Velcro.
  3. They are however easy to make. Feel free to pm me for any help. Or just ask here...
  4. There seems to be a error with that link of some reason?
  5. That was using image shack. If you click on the photo does it take you to the hosting site and show the image full size? I noticed it was a bit small in the post, it may just be the image I uploaded was small. I will keep testing and may use another hostin site.
  6. Finally five years after I started I have finished my helmet build. Just testing new image hosting after the photobucket fiasco
  7. I just love me an ESB stormtrooper. I am working on one now as it happens. Wow it’s been forty years since it was released at the cinema! Im still using TK4510 decals, Mike has been supplying these for years. I am sure that you can probably get more accurate silk screen printed decals from somewhere but I am happy with Mikes for now. Thise snow trooper style hand plates are available from a wide range of sources. Rubber or satin material gloves long enough to remain under the forearms. And a nice leather holster pretty much round up all that’s needed for conversion.
  8. The original poster of this thread, who is directly effected by this has already said that garrison politics should be included in this discussion. So why do you keep stating otherwise?
  9. Hiding behind the 501st charter imho is also just a cop out. To be fair I know that neither member we 501st but that’s not the point. how it does tie in with the legion is the recommendation of armour makers. I still can’t believe that the UKG removed the discussion thread.
  10. I just went over the the other forums and read the lot. I am embarrassed to be part of the UKG at this time. Some of those people are in top posts and their attitude sucks balls. As a costumer, I cannot fathom who on earth can not give respect to people who are lucky enough to be in a position to get their hands on any screen used prop, and have the guts to make accurate copies for others at the risk or ruining an item that can sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. just unbelievable. I have huge respect for people like Mark and Joe for doing this and I think that being up front and completing above board business practices is paramount and deserves the respect of others.
  11. That is almost unbelievable Mark! But it is so outrageous it sounds logical. Knowing this hobby it fits in pretty well. I remember the TE cds and yes they were trading for serious amounts of money back then. Probably enough to buy a suit. this just stinks, it really does.
  12. No idea how that helps the situation. There was a growing argument evolving about how to deal with the issue. Obviously Paul was recommended as a supplier.
  13. Both really. the topic has been moved and the command team are going to discuss it behind closed doors. Not sure why, I think that’s very odd and this is definitely something that can and should be discussed. Feel sorry for Mark if this is true, I’ve met mark and had long discussions in the past and he’s a top bloke.
  14. The thread at the UKG has been moved so we cannot even discuss it there?!
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