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  1. It'll hold up fine. I'd advise you to wear an extra layer of clothing under your bodysuit if possible because you'll be really cold. I did a troop in January here in the UK which involved lots of standing around for photographs. I was freezing.
  2. Thanks for the comments. Yeh I have black eye make-up so that's good. If you look at the picture of me with my hands on my belt you can see the emblem has shifted. The armour is made from urethane rubber so even industrial strength sticky velco doesnt hold. You need to superglue it on. As I haven't made the cape harness it would be silly of me to superglue a piece of velcro to the cowl and chest if I need to put holes in it. Once I get more time and the chicago screws I'll post some new pics and I might photoshop some so I'm in various Bat-esq locations.
  3. I've not been around it quite a while as I've had so many things going on. Mostly photoshop work, drawing, writing and a few other things I don't need to get in to. I also haven't been on a troop since January! I hate the fact I can't get time off work to go. I have a bad feeling I'll be booted out of the UKG and 501st soon. I really have to hope something comes up in the next 2 months and I can atually go. Anyway, enough of te boring stuff.... Finally getting close to 100% finished (Are you ever 100% finished?) I have a few things to fix. Need to put on the plastidip. Make a cape harness. Fix the emblem properly so it doesn't move. Put the velcro strap on the boot armor. I didn't put eye make-up on as it was just some test shots to see what needs fixing. But I think it's come together nicely. Anyway the pics aren't the best as the lighting was poor. I hope to get better ones taken at a later date once I've made the necessary alteradions. The picture of Batman holding Jack Napier IS me. It's just photoshop for fun. These are not submission pics just TEST pictures to see what problems there are and what needs to be fixed.
  4. That's pretty cool. I like the design.
  5. I'd honestly completely forgot about this thread and I did think I posted the 'final' revision. I even printed out a copy and put it on a t-shirt for myself. I'll try and find a picture and post it. It's hard to believe I did this over a year ago. Sadly due to having a new laptop all the individual files and project files were lost when my old laptop died. I might have the individual images saved somewhere. I'll have to look. I've not been around here in ages. Due to not trooping because of work and a whole host of other reasons I've just not come around here. At least not in a regular posting sense.
  6. I'm currently in the second week of my P90X journey. Yes, it's kicking my butt. Those of you on my facebook already know this if you've been following my daily blog.
  7. Has something happened? I'm so out of the loop these days on the forum.
  8. Fiberglass armour is FAR more rigid than ABS or HIPS. Also the 501st approved is a crock. The 50st don't approve ANY armour. The price of that armour is 3 times the price you can get a good ABS suit for. Fine for a display piece, bit nasty to troop in.
  9. No real backstory here either. I've only done 3 troops because of my job and the crappy location I live in. I've signed 1 autograph and just put 'TK7659' If anyone asks about the costume, I too reply with "Standard empire/imperial issue sir/m'am" Or if they menton something like 'costume' I say "It's not a costume, it's a uniform"
  10. That is absolutely fantastic work. Two thumbs up.
  11. The togetherness, the "Troopers helping troopers" actualy mean something here. I feel like part of the community and not an outsider, Almost instant help to any posts made. I know of some other forums where I could have a post up for 3 days with 700+ views and no replies. I feel that we all encourage each other and don't put people down. If we have a difference of opinion then the reasons are clearly given not just "That sucks, you suck, you are a noob" I don't feel that because I'm only 'basic' level trooper I'm being excluded from anything. This place feels like a community and not a bunch of cliques.
  12. My town doesn't have any postcards...So do you mean take a picture and pt yor towns name on it?
  13. I wear my glasses underneath. Like a baws! There's plenty of room insde.
  14. Johns ears were cream white? That's odd. Have you mentioned this to him? I don't know anyone that makes ears, but I'm sure someone else will know.
  15. Oh I was just wondering who she was as she wasn't in costume I wasn't after her phone noumber or anything lol.
  16. Great pictures there. Nice crowd. Who's the blonde lady with the Vader t-shirt on in the 7th picture?
  17. Congratulations. I didn't actualy know you wern't in the 501st.
  18. I use rubber gloves with rubber handplates. I also wear a pair of cotton gloves underneath so the gloves don't have a pool of sweat in them.
  19. What sort of belt are you using? Is it the kind you'd use to hold up a pair of trousers? That's what I use and I've had no issues with the belt sliding down.
  20. Sad news trooper. If I had any spare parts I'd gladly donate them, but sadly I have absolutely nothing going spare. I'm sure you'll get your armour one day.
  21. Very cool. You know I've often wondered how many costumes you have and where you keep them all?
  22. As others have said. While waiting get all the tools and velcro, snaps etc you'll need.
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