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  1. The last info I received from Anovos was that the kits may run around $800.00 to $1000. My issue is finding a kit that fits someone who is 6'-3". So far Anovos has informed me that their kits will not fit me without a large amount of modifications and bondo. Isn't there enough bondo?
  2. It's not bad for the price, it's light, it comes with a built in adjustable helmet liner.
  3. I just received my injection molded bucket from Anovos and I was wondering the same thing. Also,how accurate is this regarding the overall size of the helmet?
  4. Hey Clint, Great job!!! Are there plans to post dimensions, measurements? You have created a master piece sir, well done!!!
  5. Awesome!!!! Pm me if taking orders please.
  6. That's encouraging. Thanks for the input
  7. I think I'm just going to stick it out and see what it looks like when I get it. My only concern is the durability of the product. I think ANOVOS has proven themselves by producing some pretty cool things. So hopefully this will be one of them.
  8. Hi guys I just purchased an injection molded helmet (TFA) and I was wondering if this is a durable method as far as strength of the helmet or did I just blow my cash? Thanks in advance Patrick
  9. I just ordered the Anovos TFA helmet which is injected molded. Is this a durable method? Will this bucket stand the tests of trooping?
  10. This is sooooooo coooool!!!! I want one! I will continue to watch this epic build.
  11. Okay, this has to be one of the best displays of craftsmanship that I have ever seen. I am totally blown away nice Job!!! When will it be available lol wink wink.
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