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  1. Oh yes..Im one of thoes that messed up my ATA ears :-( But i got a new set :-) Greatest customer service ever ! Thank you ! :-D
  2. Now its finaly finished :-D I hope you think its ok :-)
  3. Well,here`s my helmet :-) Its almost finished now..Just have to adjust the vocoder..Thank you all for the help you guys have given me with the helmet :-D
  4. Do you have a link or know where i can get it ? I dont know if i can get that brand in Norway Thank you :-)
  5. Hello Rikki :-) Welcome ! Im new to this to :-) I have been building since Cristhmas :-D Yes i take it slow !! Use this forum as much as you can! They are great people here! Ronny :-)
  6. Oh ! :-D Yes but i get so many bad comments here in Norway at Nordic Garrison for my ears....I wont be approved with those ears are been said...
  7. Thank you for your feedback :-) Im waiting for a new set of ears now :-) Thank you all :-D
  8. Hi ! I think i have been to eager and cut the right ear to much ! I have ordered new ears..But i just wanted to hear your opinions.. is it to big gap ? At the back of the ears its tight...Just a gap in the front... Thank you :-)
  9. Hello ! Could anyone help me ? I want to do the vocoder over again..But i need to cover some of it with white paint..I have try to sand it but its not so good... What kind of white paint can i use ? That macth the color of Abs plastic ? Thank you !
  10. Well,i have lowered the brow,and i think im happy as it is now,a little crooked,but im going to adjust that.And im going to do the vocoder over again. Dont mind the ears,its not thighten yet.
  11. Im going to use a small brush,like that you use on models..Yes it will take some time,but then i can do it carefully around the eyes and theeth :-)
  12. Hello! I have planned to paint my helmet black on the inside but should i glue on the helmet padds before i paint it ? Or do E-6000 glue the pads,even if there are paint on the plastic ? Thank you !
  13. Thank you !! I was a little worried about my high brow,but i have decided to go for this look ! But i really hope it goes for a 501 request !
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