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  1. 6 years of trooping with my ATA kit. Still going strong.
  2. I use a 2 piece set. Makes bathroom breaks possible.
  3. I went through the list of available numbers once I submitted my approval. Always liked the number 76, the rest didn't really matter.
  4. Didn't pay any duties that I can recall. The only thing that I've ever paid duties on was a bath robe bought off of ThinkGeek.
  5. I ordered my armor from ATA and it arrived no problem. From everything I have purchased , usually from sellers in the US, I've never had anything go missing yet.
  6. Is it possible to have more than one expensive, time consuming hobby? Not according to my wife.
  7. I can only speak on the TK Boots. I've done a lot of hours in photobooths, even did a 5 km walk and a parade. Comfort wise they are pretty good. Not as good as the Magnums I wear at work but they are comfy enough. Any boot can be comfy though if you add the right insole.
  8. In the meantime like you mentioned start looking for the blaster and other components that the armor doesn't come with. That might help with the wait. I hear you though, the waiting is the worst sometimes. And start reading some build threads. I had pictures hanging all ove rmy basement before my kit even arrived.
  9. You've definitely come to the right place for all white armor needs.
  10. I have ATA armor and a RT-MOD helmet. They match reasonably well but there is a little difference. Seeing that some of the helmets in the original movies didn't match with the armor as well it's all good. Slight differences shouldn't matter.
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