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  1. Hi everyone, due to severe problems in my personal life (and the seasons holidays), there is a slight delay in the recent orders of hand guards. Be assured, you will receive your items ASAP! Thank you for your understanding and your patience! Please accept my sincerest apologies. Karin PS: you can contact me with any questions: karin25.1 (at) gmx.net
  2. Yannick and Airborntrooper: so, it then sucks up all the energy of the orbiting sun, destroys a couple of planets, and then WHAT?
  3. Yeah, too rushed. It read "instant Jedi" somewhere on the net. This sums it about up. And too many "gags". Some scenes seemed to be out of Spaceballs. Oh, and i did not like the, let call it the "bridge confrontation" * *: Death of Han
  4. Well, it's actually my stormtrooper themed atomizer I'll be taking out on Dec 17th. It's about 20cm long
  5. Well, most of the stain will be hidden by the forearms
  6. Okay, I just tried nail polish remover and it works quite well. They are chemical resitant gloves, after all
  7. OH my! The hand guards will survive acetone. I'll try it on some gloves and will tell you later. I think the best you can do is applying some acrylics with a sponge. No worries, the hand guards won't take the paint.
  8. Isn't he a little short for a stormtrooper?
  9. 17th at 5.45 pm for the english version, 20th at 2 pm for the german one.
  10. You can make them yourself http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/tutorials/article/41-howto-make-your-own-belt-rivet-covers/
  11. You can easily tint the gloves with acylic paint. Put them on, put a small amount of paint on a kitchen sponge, and paint away!
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