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  1. WoodChuck here. My daughter lives in Sacramento, CA. Her BFF lost her husband on July 21st in a tragic automobile accident. He was an avid STAR WARS collector. He didn't have a costume, but he loved collecting STAR WARS items. His wife asked my daughter if she knew where she could purchase an urn that was STAR WARS themed. When I received the request, I dropped everything to build this urn for her. I wanted it to be unique, respectful, and something she would cherish. The local STAR WRS squad offered to suit up and present it to her, but she is grieving, and said it would be too much for her to bear. I also told her that this is a gift from the entire Star Wars family.
  2. A tusken raider took the baby bantha. He/She named her Bella, and shipped her to a planet called Rancho=Obiwan.
  3. WoodChuck here. I got a photo!..........Well, sort of. I hid my camera in my sleeve and headed out to the bait pile. The baby bantha was there slurping up the blue milk. I snuck up next to it, and just as I was about to get the shot, mama bantha appeared out of no where, and swished her long hairy tail at me. I did manage to get this EXTREME CLOSE UP of the baby bantha's face as I went flying into the bushes. That's going to leave a mark..............Stay tuned.
  4. WoodChuck here. A new wrinkle in my baby bantha sighting. This morning I was awakened by a strange snorting sound just outside my bedroom window. My wife thought I was snoring..............another story. Anyway, I looked out the window and all I could see was a dark shadow. When my eyes focused, I realized it was a HUGE wall of weird looking fur. Looked more like dread locks then fur . I ran outside and came almost face to face with the Mama Bantha. A..........I think it was the mamma. She was sniffing the spot on the grass where I have been leaving the carrots and blue milk. When she realized I was there, she spun around, snorted at me, and I swear, I think she winked at me !? Then thunder roared and the ground shook as she ran off into the trees. Did you know that the mature banthas have a very long tail that drags along the ground? From what I saw, it seems to be sweeping away any trace of their tracks so they are harder to find.
  5. WoodChuck here. I have been asking about Banthas on other forums, so thought I'd ask here too. I've been seeing a baby bantha grazing on my front lawn for several days now. it is shy and way too fast for me to get close to it. I've left out carrots..........GONE! I've left out blue milk............GONE! I never see the Mama or the Papa. What's up with that? Here's a photo I did get of the impressions the baby left as it stomped off my driveway onto the grass. Stay tuned for more details as they occur!
  6. WoodChuck here………..Who cut the cheese?
  7. Woodchuck here. I started building the molds for this giant helmet for SPUD TROOPER from Mr. Potato Head years ago. The project got put on the back burner when I had to sell my big vac forming table. I found this today while cleaning the shop and thought everyone could use a laugh.
  8. WoodChuck here. Many of you know I am a magician as well as a replica prop arms dealer. Magicians use illusion all the time to enhance their seemingly impossible feats of magic. Sound is a great item for illusions. The human mind will compensate and tell itself the source of a sound is coming from where the eyes see the action happening. For instance, if you are in the audience, and you see a trooper raise his blaster and squeeze the trigger, your mind expects something to happen. Usually a bright blue LED flashes, and perhaps some sounds are emitted from the blaster. What if you have a pistol that is too small to fit a sound board in? You can try this, and the eyes will see the blue LED flash, the ears will hear the sound, and the brain will compensate and say it is coming from the blaster, when the sound is actually coming from the utility belt: If you mounted the sound board, buttons and speaker in a small box , say on your belt, you could have the hand that isn't holding the pistol resting on your belt, over the box. That hand could press each of the sound buttons as your other hand points the pistol and squeezes the trigger. the audience would see the bright blue LED flash, and hear the sounds as you press the buttons. It would look and sound like the sound is coming from the pistol. Triktoys makes a programmable sound board for $99. You could have one sound board that could sound like four different blasters.
  9. WoodChuck here. I use a LOT of magnets. I get the 1/2" x 1/8" neodymium magnets N42 here: http://www.magnet4less.com
  10. Yoda's Hover Chair was my secret project for CVI. I demonstrated it 187 times during a three day period at The Rebel Legion area of CVI. It was a HUGE success as a great photo op for the kids who wanted to ride it.
  11. WoodChuck here. I just delivered this logo to "Mo" (TB-3245) of the Everglades Squad at CVI. This project was a labor of love. The little probe looks like it is floating above the background.
  12. WoodChuck here. I just finished a private commission for a HALO ODST SMG. Here is the final product. $325 plus shipping.
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