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  1. Has anyone seen the latest entry on the Legion blog thing on the home page? Look who it is but our very own Clint Randall! Nicely done dude. -Eric
  2. You mean all of the parts... except the TD end caps and control panel -Eric
  3. Also why the heck is the thermal det control panel and the end caps the only thing trimmed in the kit? -Eric
  4. I'm just a couple shoulder bridges and a sniper knee away from being fully trimmed. I scored and snapped so there will be minimal sanding/dremeling to clean up. Except for two bicep openings where I used my lexan scissors. The scissor snips are faster but require way more work (for me at least) to clean up compared to scoring and snapping. The one thing to note is that the thermal detonator is pretty much the only accurate one out there except for maybe TM or RS (I'm assuming RS although I've never noticed their TD.) Here is the anovos next to my sexy TM thermal det: It's all the right diameter and the control panel is pretty spot on. Suck it ATA, AP, WTF, MTK etc... thermal detonators! -Eric
  5. This will be up to the new DL but the only thing I can see changing eventually is some wording in the biceps to allow them to have a seam and open up like the screen used ones. But that won't preclude closed seamless biceps. You'll have to wait until March to see if that change goes through when the new DL's term starts. -Eric
  6. Ya know I've been up there a few times and never had a craft beer that floated my boat. Honestly the trimming will only be finished tonight under the influence of bourbon. -Eric Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Maybe it's just the Torontoites then. Gross dude. -Eric Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Oops. And I thought I finally found a use for this Molsen Canadian. -Eric Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. You can? Are you in my house? Speaking of smells. This Anovos kit smells of burnt abs. -Eric Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Lol! It's a Hawaiian outrigger canoe racing paddle. As an aside... You sure got a pretty mouth. -Eric Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Eh? Is there a banjo in the photo somewhere? -Eric
  12. After finally getting home from work travel I am now ready to deal with this Anovos purchase. Why did I buy this? Because $350 seemed too good to be true. Also I like building armor. WIll it fit me? NFW. What the hell will I do with it? I think it is bound for a mannequin. Or maybe sell it locally to someone who really needs it. Will my whole build thread consist of asking myself questions and then answering them? Quite possibly. I'm going to open the box now and start trimming. -Eric
  13. Heh. I just declined the nomination for LCO Yikes man. -Eric
  14. I dunno man. Snap plates and elastic is more flexible and I think it makes it easier to adjust your TK to look good for your body type. A small minority of approved TKs use the original bracket system. I'm not sure I would recommend the original strapping system for everyone. -Eric
  15. We'll be passing the hat later this year when our hosting costs are due Right now we don't need any money. -Eric
  16. LOL "cm325i Anovos Build?" The pointed question mark is hil-larious. -Eric
  17. Pull up your thighs bro! Nice looking build though -Eric (you can thank Chris Greene for this)
  18. That there is literally desk slapping funny. I made a co-worker jump. -Eric
  19. +1 for the hammer set and anvil action. All the pliers I've used have needed me to finish them with the hammer type set tool anyways. And then I ended up bending my pliers after so many snaps trying to get them properly connected. -Eric
  20. The dremel and I are not friends. I use sandpaper around a large dowel or around a sanding block after lexan scissors. -Eric
  21. Dude! You're a shining example of how just a little work can improve the look of an FX radically. Nice job trooper. -Eric
  22. Welcome Rob. Greetings from Watertown MA I've built a few TKs. Let me know when you need help. I should have my anovos box any day now. Edit! I just checked fedex and it arrived yesterday. I am just not in town this week to get it -Eric
  23. I'm glad you cleared up what you meant by this statement. On the surface it was a totally dick thing to say. It's true this is an expensive hobby. You either have means, save for years, or make it a very high financial priority...or I my case... all of the above. -Eric
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