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  1. I dunno man. Snap plates and elastic is more flexible and I think it makes it easier to adjust your TK to look good for your body type. A small minority of approved TKs use the original bracket system. I'm not sure I would recommend the original strapping system for everyone. -Eric
  2. We'll be passing the hat later this year when our hosting costs are due Right now we don't need any money. -Eric
  3. LOL "cm325i Anovos Build?" The pointed question mark is hil-larious. -Eric
  4. Pull up your thighs bro! Nice looking build though -Eric (you can thank Chris Greene for this)
  5. That there is literally desk slapping funny. I made a co-worker jump. -Eric
  6. +1 for the hammer set and anvil action. All the pliers I've used have needed me to finish them with the hammer type set tool anyways. And then I ended up bending my pliers after so many snaps trying to get them properly connected. -Eric
  7. The dremel and I are not friends. I use sandpaper around a large dowel or around a sanding block after lexan scissors. -Eric
  8. Dude! You're a shining example of how just a little work can improve the look of an FX radically. Nice job trooper. -Eric
  9. Welcome Rob. Greetings from Watertown MA I've built a few TKs. Let me know when you need help. I should have my anovos box any day now. Edit! I just checked fedex and it arrived yesterday. I am just not in town this week to get it -Eric
  10. I'm glad you cleared up what you meant by this statement. On the surface it was a totally dick thing to say. It's true this is an expensive hobby. You either have means, save for years, or make it a very high financial priority...or I my case... all of the above. -Eric
  11. It was a tough decision... but I'm choosing this one: I really wanted to use this one. -Eric
  12. Actually the CRL states 2 for stunt and 4 rivets for hero in the base requirements. I hope the top two rivets come out of the belt painlessly. I'll be trying it when I get my kit . -Eric
  13. Months go by and GXO boy posts next to nothing. And now this. Seems about right. -Eric Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I suck. -Eric Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. You're totally right. The Sauters run a great business with solid customer service. As an active member, Jim goes out of his way to take care of his legion brothers and sisters. -Eric
  16. Aha. I see. What then would be the plan to "fix" this? A notch shim? Wouldn't that look weirder than the notch as is? -Eric Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Is there a photo of the AP notch in question someone can point me to? Thanks, -Eric Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. With the LMO's approval I changed the wording of the CRL (Morten you were cc'd): It went from: There shall be a single raised vertical strip running from toe to tongue, approximately 1/3 the width of the shoe. To: There shall be a single raised vertical strip running from toe to tongue across the top of the boot. It is now hopefully GML-proof. -Eric
  19. The Legion is a-changing and maybe not for the better. That's a much bigger conversation to be had amongst a smaller group of people. -Eric
  20. I see. So the issue is that I was stupid enough to put something too subjective as "1/3 the width." GMLs these days bring out their vernier calipers to ensure anything called out in the CRL with a measurement is correct. The local GML system has too many flaws and the current GML culture cannot be loosened up. That means the onus is on the dets to go out of their way to write their CRLs to be picky and strict GML proof. I will let the LMO that I'm changing that CRL wording because GMLs will not display the sense enough to allow a little leeway in their approvals. -Eric
  21. Does someone have a photo of the boots that someone is saying aren't approvable? -Eric
  22. Guys? Do one of a few things: - Stop airing your personal stuff on the forum - Stop communicating all together - Use PM or email Either way any more posting of this petty squabble will incur punitive measures. This is my last warning. Thanks. -Eric Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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