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  1. Well. Sorry for reviving this old thing. But after a lot of turmoil and...stuff... We finally sent in the application, for getting Ulf approved!!! (and it seemed better, to just revive the thread, than start a new one).
  2. She loves her new armor!! The only downside, is that the left shin, keeps riding on top of the shoe. Goin to fix it with some elastic and velcro
  3. A friend of mine's girlfriend, caught these pictures, of Mette's first troop in her TK
  4. Thank you all. And thank you Kevin, it means a lot hearing from you
  5. Finally got my finger out my behind and got this thing done. It is now approved!
  6. Yep. Thats the problem right there. The GML says he will approve the boots, as soon as the CRL is changed.
  7. Look no further than the CRL. The GML refuses to look at pictures in the CRL and only follow the text. Since the text sais the tongue of the toe should be 1/3 of the boots width, he wont approve it, even though the boot in the picture has a wider tongue than that. http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:Legacy_Trooper_Female
  8. Aparently the trouble is that since the text says the strip on the front of the boot shold be aproximately 1/3 of the width, Gios boots cant be approved, because it is too wide... even though its his boots that are used in the CRL. And its the low boots in this case.
  9. Heh. Just noticed they are located in Hamburg. Would actually be cheaper, to just do a day-trip and pick one up in person. its about 2 hours drive from the border.
  10. That looks pretty sweet Dont know why they wont ship to Denmark. Our gun laws only prohibits us from ordering functional gun parts or de-milled guns. Replicas and Airsoft guns are no problem. But it might be the shipping costs.
  11. Hi guys and girls. It has come to my attention, that the boots from Gio are not approved by the LML, even though they are pictured in the CRL and follows all reference material I have seen. Anyone here know why this is??
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