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  1. 5 minutes ago, T K said:

    "Ok, unfortunately that seems to be the largest it would print since the shirt size is an XL, the model mock up is showing on a size Medium item. We can process a store credit for the item or refund."


    This is what they said. So if you want you can get a refund or store credit...

    Oh? That's the largest it could print? I'll keep it. It's still really cool.



  2. So... what is this FizzDee thing? How does it work exactly?


    It's good to be back, yo.


    58 minutes ago, SuperTrooper said:

    Nice to have you back Brian.

    I just saw a ghost!


    On 3/15/2019 at 10:02 PM, Sly11 said:

    Hey Dawn, thank you for the detailed update and your teams Bio's.

    We know Mr Brager well :salute:

    Looking forward to seeing your CRL improvements and guides over the next few months.

    He just likes me because I bought him a beer.



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  3. Not sure if this is the correct thread to post this in, but it is the only one I found covering issues with the server move, so I give it a try:
    Is anybody aware of issues with notifications from FISD via email? Since the server move, I don't get any emails for incoming PMs and other things.
    Just me?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if some folks aren’t getting email. We did change the to way mail is sent. We’ll take a peek soon.

    Anyone else seeing problems with email notifications?


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  4. Thank you Eric and Mathias for getting us over to the new server, pages definitely load quicker , all threads and forums appear to be in tact and we are back to business as usual


    What’s also nice about the new server is that the legion web team have pretty good monitoring on memory, CPU. database connections etc.... If we find that we are outgrowing the server we can add resources on the fly.

    Or the next time there is a racing shirt run or some sort of (more) plastic spaceman drama erupts and the forum gets really busy :)


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  5. I've had some back and forth with support... but I made the dumb mistake of not making the ticket as "site down" I think. That means they're being kinda slow about it.


    For those that care... the problem is in how we display forum URLs. I don't know how it got F'd during the upgrade but it is indeed F'd up... .and I don't know how to fix it. 


    Hopefully they'll fix it soon. 


    Thanks for your continued patience.



  6. Ok. That was painful.


    The forum now resides on a new and better web server. I suspect you'll some performance improvement right away. 


    If you experience something weird, diffusely bad, or an error. Please post here in this thread. Be sure to copy and paste or screen capture any error messages with the description of the problem.


    Tapatalk isn't working yet but we'll get to that in the next day.


    Thank you all for your patience.


    -Eric and Mathias 

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