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  1. It is not a simple costume Even without the detail haggling going on. -Eric
  2. Have you ever noticed that the ANH forearm section says they need to be "closed" not glued. That is a historical artifact to ensure FX folks didn't have their forearms way open looking like crap. BUT the wording was carefully not ever changed to allow velcro. In fact I know of a handful of folks who went EIB with well hidden velcro in their forearms. Some of us have really big hands ya know! The ANH thighs are worded the same way too and never changed: "Thigh armor shall be closed in the back." Put velcro on your thighs if you want, it's a very silly thing to do, but not forbidden. Just make sure you buy thin velcro and it isn't seen under your cover strip! -Eric
  3. This is no longer entirely true. In fact it is the other way around thanks to Anderson's Operating Protocol change last year. L1 is up to the det with the LMO advising. Here is the relevant section of the OP. Two things changed last year: First is that CRLs are the DL or det's responsibility. The CRLs shouldn't change unless both the DL (or CRL liaison) and the LMO agree. That means the LMO can't just drop changes into a det's lap as well. The DL is supposed to "solit feedback" from the membership to decide what to put in the CRLs. This thread counts as such. Second is that the LMO cannot add a costume to the roster until the det has finished the CRL. No more white boxes. This is rarely a problem for FISD but a lot of dets have empty CRLs. This is how the Legacy trooper, TFA TK, and Kylo Ren were added. (Because FISD is the model for the way dets should work) The wording itself... in comic sans... -Eric
  4. What's really funny about not approving those troopers is that GMLs stop approvals for all sorts of things that are not in the base level CRL. Many either make up stuff because they think they see it on screen or take things from L2/L3 and use them for base approval. But they can't use common sense when reading the words of a CRL. If you're going outside the L1 CRL it should work both ways with a healthy dose of common sense. Those troopers look amazing and that is what should matter, not a silly seam. We as a club should err on the side of inclusion. The culture of GML approvals is broken. With that said, I think the bicep seams and other seams should be put in the CRL as an OR for L1. But that is up to Tim what gets voted on later this year. -Eric
  5. Greetings from Watertown MA. I saw you signed up on the NEG forums already. Let us know how we can help! -Eric
  6. Check out the bottom of the Hero CRL It's silly... very silly. Few every notice it is there. -Eric
  7. Ok then. I totally couldn't tell from your photos. Rock on then. -Eric
  8. Dude man you look great. Really great. Your shins could come down a skosh. Your GML may ding you on the belt which according to the CRL should be: The belt is ribbed and made from a rubber or a rubber like material -Eric
  9. The Onizuka science day at UHH. I'll get you the contact info from the organizers once you're approved. It was my first official troop Actually... I forgot about Hawaii Con... which I don't think anyone has trooped yet from the Pacific Outpost. But I was invited to do so when I lived Waimea and helped them with the video below (for the record I couldn't see the drink she was handing me): -Eric
  10. Heh. Having been the only TK on that rock for a few years I can safely tell you that you guys are it There is exactly one troop a year on Hawaii island. I had to go Oahu to troop otherwise. -Eric Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Aha. So your email ends in @msn.com. It seems your mail server has our mail server on a block list. Microsoft thinks mail from our server is spam. It isn't even reaching your spam folder but the server is just plain rejecting the connection from FISD from the get go. I'll look into seeing how to get off their block list... wish me luck with that A quick alternative is to use gmail or something instead. -Eric
  12. Hi. Have you edited your notification options to check the "email" checkbox? That's what I had to do to get an email about your post Click on the little thingy that looks like a person in the top right and you'll see the word "options" That's where you can make sure you're set to receive email to threads you've subscribed to. Here is the email I got from your post: -Eric
  13. I think that the folks who designed the costume thought it would look cool... and space soldier-ish. Same goes for the thigh pack. I've heard it called an ammo pack or a power pack but its a dumb place to store just about anything -Eric
  14. I just subscribed to this thread... would someone please reply to it so I can test the email action Thanks, -Eric
  15. LOL That is known as the thumb print. It is on every single left bicep you see on screen A totally accurate little detail! -Eric
  16. Joseph: Don't get too wrapped up in the words. The next thing you know we'll all be arguing the same point using different words. Also read that thread I just posted. Andy: You're my new hero. Who made that bucket? -Eric
  17. This here thread should be read by everyone who has posted in this one: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/20347-screen-accurate-vs-reality-accurate/ The words I use (and did the other day at an armor party): Do you want to look like you stepped off the screen or off the set? -Eric
  18. Nagedzi: That's awesome. Nice weathering job! I also like the fact you take the fans in consideration when it comes to accuracy. -Eric
  19. Pretty much all of the anovos return edges are too big (except the bottom of the chest) I wouldn't worry about it. There are folks out there without return edges at the top of the thighs. Check out this screen used thigh: -Eric
  20. Yep. Shoot me a PM with the username you want Although yours is quite to the point. -Eric
  21. That looks right to me. You can tell you have the right line by looking at the bottom where the cut line turns the corner. If your line meets that line you're super good to go: Also it may be easier to cut with the plastic off of the part If you're scoring and snapping that is. -Eric
  22. Aaaaaaaand.... What are CRLs? Our CRLs are a list of references/requirements to help people to be approved in a fun costuming club where we wear our stuff in public (sometimes in service of others) to make fans smile. The 501st isn't a prop replication club... it is a costuming club And yes I would say that 96% of FISD CRL changes have been voted on by the detachment (in the members's only area of the forums) not the whim of folks in charge. -Eric
  23. Because maybe it will help someone along the way. We don't delete threads on FISD. It just isn't done. Look now people can see the difference between TM, Anovos and ATA's s-trim! See some good came out of it the silliness. -Eric
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