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  1. Actually the C seems to have two scopes but this one on the floor of the cantina does not. -Eric
  2. Maybe I'm a crappy Star Wars fan but here is something I've never noticed. Ponda Baba's dead arm carried the promo trooper's SE-14 with random wires and minus the scope. How cool is that? Feel free to pile the "yeah yeah we know"'s on me. -Eric
  3. Only a few more years to go old man. Happy B-day dude. -Eric
  4. It's funny. People keep ascribing all sorts of logic as to why a costume goes to a particular det. Little of it makes much sense across all 15 detachments. A lot of it was dictated by an LMO and some of it happened organically without reason. But as the 501st grows, and detachment leadership changes, many of the dets begin to navel gaze about their own existence. One of many examples is that SLD and TFE rethinking what types of costumes they support. Members can read my rant about this here. I know that SpecOps wants Phasma for sure. I personally think the support for building the costume is best served from the FISD forums. While the LMO has the power to dictate where a costume goes, he shouldn't. This is between the two DLs with my support behind FISD. -Eric
  5. I would need to see it to say. My instinct is that many of the parts would be too complex and intricate to make it look right. The ab section and thermal detonator specifically. -Eric
  6. Hi all! This list is not accurate. If you want basic approval for basic 501st membership here is the definitive list: Split kidney and butt plate into two pieces Replace plastic belt with a canvas one Rivet holster onto left side of canvas belt (cannot be looped for ANH Stunt) Replace helmet (WTF makes a really nice one that will match the FX color) Replace black ab buttons (I have a set if you want) with the blue and grey ones Ensure forearms, biceps, and thighs are closed Install elastic on the shoulder bell that goes around the bicep Make sure all the parts fit you and don't overlap too too much. This thread is a good place to start even if you're not going EIB: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/12478-howto-easily-make-your-fx-armor-eib-acceptable/ Post your progress here and we'll help you get it fit and your costume approved. Good luck! -Eric
  7. Good luck brotherman. -Eric Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Welcome to the 501st TK-10415. Please report to the death star hanger for standing around and looking shiny duty -Eric
  9. Garrett: Do you have the shoulder bell elastic that goes around the bicep? I can't see it in the photos and it is a basic requirement Your belt is fine enough where it is though. See images below. Good luck trooper! -Eric Look where the belt comes to on the bottom ab button: Trooper's belt on the right:
  10. We are just waiting for photos to complete the CRL (and a DL review.) Ingrid may not be available to take photos of her costume, which saddens me. Does someone out there have a really nice phasma build that is also pretty darn shiny? If so please PM me. -Eric
  11. Here ya go: http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:Legacy_Trooper_Female Hee hee! -Eric
  12. Settle down symmetrical Vader. -Eric
  13. Or be sent to Mustafar to be melted down into a much better looking amorphous lump of white plastic. -Eric
  14. No no. Sorry man. There is an LMO person assigned to every detachment. So I liaise as LMO (per the operating protocol) with the DL or someone the DL appoints to deal with CRLs. There are 6 of us and we all have taken a couple of the 15 dets to help out. I just happen to also be working on Phasma and Shocktrooper but Tim gets the final approval on those CRLs and I'll ask another LMO to get eyes on it as well. I'm changing my name to UbiquitousTrooper. Thanks Eric. Sssssssssssh! We're not trying to be too too obvious. Stalker! As LMO I am helping SLD, MEPD, and FISD with their CRLs. The main forums I visit anyways. -Eric
  15. I'm open to Phasma moving there. At the time we started writing things FISD made more sense. I still think FISD is a better resource for building it and do feel like it still makes sense for her to live here. I'll poke my head in over a spec ops and ask how they feel about it. Either way I'm moving forward with the CRL development along the way we can all decide together which DL gets final approval. -Eric
  16. Yes and I'm using your bucket as a drum. Anyone got an Ewok leg bone I can use as a drumstick? I read this as "Yeah pfffft good luck with that!" Thanks all. My PM and email door has been and remains open even in this new role. -Eric
  17. A sneak preview of the images Ingrid sent me to get this CRL going... So here's my plan... Get the wording tighened up and post here for more discussion this week. Find someone to photoshop the images Get the DL's approval CRL goes live -Eric
  18. Aloha Shiny Whites, I apologize for the delay in posting this. Between election madness and then some work related travel I am finally getting a chance to sit down to use a keyboard that does not involve thumbs. Please allow myself to introduce myself with a form letter going out on all the detachments forums. I am Eric Brager your Legion Membership Officer (LMO) for 2016. If you recognize the name Darth Aloha it is likely due to my involvement with FISD as a two time Detachment Leader (DL). (this is part of a form letter I'm posting on all 15 detachments. Most of you all know who I am) The LMO office this year is here to help. We will support the FISD goals for updating and creating new CRLs. Through your DL we will be an advocate, advisor, and champion. Most of all we will be accessible and approachable. No longer are the LMOs aloof and unreachable. Last year saw the small but important changes to the Operating Protocols regarding CRLs. Section 7 states a few things that define a new working relationship between the detachments and the LMO. First is that a new costume may not be added to the Legion without completed CRL. Second is that the detachments are responsible for the creation and maintenance of the CRLs not the LMO. We do not make your CRLs. The result of these changes is that base level CRL requirements should not change unless the LMO and the DL are in agreement. Thirdly and lastly the DL should solicit buy-in from the detachment community regarding changes. In this new arrangement we have no choice but to work together. With that said every one of the 15 detachments will have an LMO representative assigned to them. Your LMO rep is me! He will be logging into your forums and contributing to your community, if he isn’t already doing so. The LMO office needs to be active in your community. That way we may fully understand each detachment’s vision and needs if we are going to support your CRL needs. What is the next step in this glorious shiny new hug-fest? I am asking the DL to send their LMO representative (or post up) a list of CRL goals as well as issues, concerns, gripes, problems, woes that we can help with. I will be integrating that list into my ongoing high level goals for 2016 that will be posted publically on the forums. I encourage any discussion between the dets and the LMO office to occur out in the open on the forums as much as possible. If anyone reading this (and hasn’t dozed off) has a question of any kind they are welcome to PM me anywhere or email me. Your DL will be receiving my phone number shortly and is welcome to text or call anytime for any reason. Let’s get some poodoo done this year. -Eric
  19. Greetings from Watertown MA. Have you also signed up for the NEG forums? (if you have I apologize for not paying better attention). http://www.501neg.com/forum/ If you need any in-person help please let me or anyone else in the NEG know. You can PM me here or post in this thread. Otherwise you're in good hands here on FISD. -Eric
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