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  1. Fantastic job folks. A pleasure to read. -Eric
  2. You should know by now that I'm pretty much always kidding. -Eric
  3. Randy's often heard saying: This sucks! Let's give it to a biker scout. -Eric
  4. My guess... If the mic is omnidirectional you'll get a ton of feedback. Looks neat though. -Eric
  5. Anything very directional will work. I've used this one and liked it: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003MS4VKC/ It goes over the head which could be painful over time but there's nothing stopping you from mounting it right in your bucket. -Eric
  6. Is it ok if Randy and I just tell you what to do? That'd be way easier for everyone. -Eric Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hi Mark... you keep saying... "they" and "they" as if there is an army of 501st people standing against your ideas. I'm your LMO or the "top brass" (I'm obviously the top something minus the "b") as you call it. No one has said one word about issues with the ROTJ CRL to me this term. Maybe you brought it up to the former LMO last year? Not only has no one presented proof to me I have not heard a single peep about this nor has any of the LMO team. Point blank, if Tim the DL thinks the CRL needs to be changed I'm more than happy to help him update it. At the end of the day its up to him. Rather than railing against the CRL a more productive approach would be to suggest wording changes that you think would improve the CRL. Otherwise you are just pointing out problems and not providing a solution. More below... If I understand correctly the three things you cite are: Shoulder straps cannot be riveted. Missing detonator Holster is required. Overlaps are the wrong direction I'll take these things one by one. Rivets in the Shoulder Straps For basic 501st approval the CRL clearly states that the shoulder straps may be riveted. If someone was denied by their GML, then their GML has not read the CRL. However if the person is applying for Expert Infantry the CRL is wrong but this will not stop someone from getting a costume approved. Missing Detonator The thing that has always bugged me about the ROTJ CRL is that the photo of the det is an ANH/ESB detonator. But yes this is required. If the DL and FISD think this should be optional then it can be changed. Personally I think not having one is a costume error like Mr. No Stripes and all ROTJ TKs should have one to look the same. For approval I think you should have one and if you choose not to wear one, then don't. Again... I leave this up to Tim to make the det optional. Holster Required As you can see in the CRL the holster is optional. If a GML denies someone because of this they're wrong. Overlaps in Wrong Direction There is nothing in the CRL about the direction of overlap. If a GML denied someone for this they were wrong. The CRL does not specify overlap direction. However there is a silly note about the AM shins that should be taken out. A former DL, Tom Gardner, made it his mission for people to assemble AM shins correctly. Most people did not. If Tim's ok with it I'm going to zap that entirely. Your customer is welcome to email me lmo@501st.com if they want to challenge a GML. I'm happy to review the situation and speak to the GML directly. I hope this clears things up. -Eric
  8. I'm your huckleberry. -Eric Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Well I'm not gunna argue with mark Can you snap a photo of the u shape when you get a moment? A photo of the end of the trim would be great if possible. Thanks dinglehumper, -Eric Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Dimensions would help too if someone can measure or take a photo of their ROTJ style u-trim? Ye olde Great Lakes skipper bayliner u-trim is no longer available. This stuff looks too small. No? http://greatlakesskipper.com/product/5_320_806-boat-deck-and-docking-misc-molding/11770--bayliner-1733532-white-316-inch-boat-u-molding-ft.html Thanks nerds, -Eric Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Hi! There has been a fair bit of impatience about this CRL floating about. None if it directed at me sadly, but I do welcome direct feedback anytime. If you feel impatient or upset or want to know what is going on... I can be reached via email, PM and Facebook chat if you insist. Many folks have my phone number that I will happily give out to call or text anytime. I get a ton of messages from all sources every day and I try to respond to each and every one of them. My inbox door is always open. So is Tim's. I apologize for not posting an update on where we are with this CRL. Not only is my legion life full but my actual life is madness. It's all poor excuses but it is what it is. Oscar Mike Foxtrot Golf! Why isn't this CRL done?!?!?!? Thank you for asking! I cobbled together a CRL. It used photos from a few different sources. I then sent it out for review to all the LMOs, FISD's Detachment Leader, and a couple phasma experts. I received great feedback on the words from all parties. With one more major edit those will good to go. The majority of them rejected most of the photos outright. If both my LMO team say NFW as well as the Detachment Leader I don't have a choice but to go back to the drawing board for this very important and popular CRL. They are not wrong in their assessment, but I was wrong got try and rush a half assed CRL. The photos we've received for this CRL have either been low resolution and/or the parts aren't shiny at all, or they are poor quality photos of good parts. I requested a professional photographer redo one of our costumer's photos of parts. In the mean time if you have a shiny and accurate Phasma and access to a good camera under well lit conditions I invite you to take photos of all of your parts. Feel free to reach out to me directly and I will tell you which photos we need. Thank you for continued patience with this very very important CRL. -Eric
  12. My hope is to get a separate reference page of photos of people's capes together to tell the full story. I'm putting Ingrid in charge of it but she doesn't know it yet. Also here is a close up of that photo:
  13. This is the photo I'm thinking of using for the cape entry in the CRL: Questions: Is it accurate? Does it provide enough detail? Thanks -Eric
  14. Ok folks... If you read a page or so back this contest has been long over. Obviously no one knew Wyatt and I were joking. I'm locking the thread. -Eric
  15. I don't know why you would carpet a cantina floor in mos eisley. It'd be like carpeting a McDonald's kitchen.
  16. Actually the C seems to have two scopes but this one on the floor of the cantina does not. -Eric
  17. Maybe I'm a crappy Star Wars fan but here is something I've never noticed. Ponda Baba's dead arm carried the promo trooper's SE-14 with random wires and minus the scope. How cool is that? Feel free to pile the "yeah yeah we know"'s on me. -Eric
  18. Only a few more years to go old man. Happy B-day dude. -Eric
  19. It's funny. People keep ascribing all sorts of logic as to why a costume goes to a particular det. Little of it makes much sense across all 15 detachments. A lot of it was dictated by an LMO and some of it happened organically without reason. But as the 501st grows, and detachment leadership changes, many of the dets begin to navel gaze about their own existence. One of many examples is that SLD and TFE rethinking what types of costumes they support. Members can read my rant about this here. I know that SpecOps wants Phasma for sure. I personally think the support for building the costume is best served from the FISD forums. While the LMO has the power to dictate where a costume goes, he shouldn't. This is between the two DLs with my support behind FISD. -Eric
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