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  1. I added "doesn't wear a FOTK / OT TK" as an option for us who don't have both costumes.
  2. Locking thread. Apparently reading and following instructions is hard.
  3. To do that, someone needs to provide us with the pictures to replace them with.
  4. Nice work! Definitely much needed too.
  5. As far as we know yes, but that knowledge only extends to the paint being referred to as "in little tin cans".
  6. You really have to shake the shit out of the cans to break up the pigments.
  7. Locitus

    Holster Pattern

    From the album: The Holster

    Troopermasters's "old" holster pattern. Saved for posterity.
  8. Locitus

    The Holster

  9. Now that elections are over you won't need it for another year. But maybe Paul or the XO will fix it while it's still fresh in their memory. I can't do it.
  10. Did you tell anyone that you wanted to vote before the election? There are a lot of people who aren't supposed to be able to vote because they got rid of their costume and thus no longer part of the detachment. We usually bulk approve new members in the upcoming days before the election as this thread was somewhat about, but that assumes we know who to approve.
  11. ATA used to have a ridiculously long queue time (don't know how it is now though), but he's in the US so you'll save on import tax and shipping. But RS is the more accurate kit.
  12. You have to get your 501st membership verified before you can apply.
  13. We do not give out source materials for our logos in order to keep bootleg merch out.
  14. It's not hard numbers that applies to everyone, just guidelines. If you have wider limbs, you'll need wider strips. Also, people obsess over numbers and tell others they're wrong when not sticking to what's perceived as the "true" widths. You can check out the RS suit galleries and see that there is some variety on the actual suit(s).
  15. Elastic everything. Also, the arms aren't actually hanging off of the shoulder bell on the original suits, so the bell straps only need to support the weight of the bell itself.
  16. I've added error_reporting(0); to the config. Hopefully that doesn't also break something else.
  17. From now one I don't want to see any posts about not being able to post without mentioning which browser you're trying with. We can't troubleshoot without a sample size.
  18. Then make sure to clear out any cache or other related "old stuff" the browser saves. Or use incognito mode which is basically the same thing.
  19. What browser and version of it are you using? I'm using chrome 63.
  20. If your top is hidden under your shoulder bell, you're either short or wear your biceps too high (with arms at your side). That being said, such a minor gap is nothing to be worried about.
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