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  1. SSL certificates have zero impact on how a page is rendered. Clear your caches and so on.
  2. Yes. Yesterday the certificate expired and the auto-renew didn't work because the setting was for nginx before we switched to apache, but a small config change and renewal sorted that out and it should not happen again. No need to worry.
  3. I don't know. All I know is that split rivets are easy and cheap on ebay.
  4. My point was that there was so much talk about "go here, read this" to newer and imho inferior sources instead of going to probably the best one there is.
  5. Nobody remembers starwarshelmets.com? Really? http://starwarshelmets.com/original-stormtrooper-comparisons.htm
  6. Or if you trust RS then the best source to match their original stunt helmet is a PP plastic.
  7. Seems so. But get rid of the return edge around your wrists.
  8. Basically just stick snap plates and elastics where there would otherwise be brackets and you'll be good.
  9. I’d rather see a wider cover strip than to leave the return exposed like that. Sounds like that guy missed the forrest for all the trees.
  10. Have him reset his password again and also check all the spam folders etc. We swapped emailing system to better get past spam filters.
  11. Nothing truly dies on the web. But #14 is the standard since way back when. PS, Hi Mark!
  12. It has been done, but that was when requirements were lower, and it was still so much work required that it wasn't recommended for anyone. If they already have that suit, my advise is to try to sell it off to someone with no ambition to join 501st and spend the earnings on a real kit.
  13. That would depend on which supplies you need.
  14. These work perfectly well enough: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rivets-Single-Cap-Rivet-Tubular-Metal-Studs-with-Fixing-Tool-Kit-for-Leather-Cra/282928167399?epid=2281897605&hash=item41dfd539e7:g:jJgAAOSwIWxaqJlY https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-4-Inch-single-Cap-Rivets-50-Sets-for-Leather-Work-nickel-plate/223034324124?hash=item33ede1b49c:g:m6MAAOSw4QVZwVGm
  15. Locitus

    Drop Boxes

    Photos by R2Dan of the RS original belt and boxes.
  16. Locitus


    From the album: Drop Boxes

  17. Locitus


    From the album: Drop Boxes

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    From the album: Drop Boxes

  19. Locitus


    From the album: Drop Boxes

  20. I do the same as TM. I thought that was the natural way to set them.
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