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  2. Right. Duh me. I'll go make myself another cup of coffee ASAP. When the CRL is complete and green she'll need to fill out the application for membership so she's in the database. Then the LMOses will work with the GMLses to get her approved. The trimming of cover strips is totally up to FISD. Another note: The CRL text in the first post probably needs mention of the squared of thigh pack if FISD wants to make that a L1 requirement. -Eric
  3. Sounds good! If we need to trim down and reattach the cover strip, we can. If this costume is good for approval, make sure the GMLs give it to Holley Barker and not me, as she is the one wearing the kit. I'll PM you with her email address and 501NEG screen name. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks Mike. The photos look good enough to me even if some bits are out focus here and there. The cover strip on the one thigh goes over the ridge. I'm ok with it but I'll leave that, and a no/no go on rest of the photos, up to Sarah and team. Below is a wee test. I was a little worried that they'd be too dark but after a little bit of fiddling they're easy enough to brighten up. Someone with better photoshop skills will be able to deal with the red color bleed through hue onto the white parts. I suggest this costume be called The Force Unleashed Stormtrooper in the CRL. Once FISD is happy and the CRL is green we'll tell your (our) GML to approve you. -Eric
  5. 4. Pacific Roller Derby Jedi Vs Sith 5/18/2019
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  7. Thread updated with CRL photos and application photos.
  8. Front: Right side: Right side, arm raised: Left side: Left side, arm raised: Back: Action shots: Helmet off: Profile: Misc. detail photos: Hopefully I didn't forget anything!
  9. Helmet: Neckseal, Undersuit, Gloves (borrow from ANH Stunt TK) Shoulder straps: Shoulder armor: Upper arm armor: Forearm armor: Hand plates: Chest armor: Back armor: Abdomen armor: Kidney & posterior armor: Belt: Thermal detonator: Thigh armor: Lower leg armor: Boots:
  10. Can do. I haven't sent anything yet - the stuff is still uploading to my imgur.
  11. Mike, I suggest posting the CRL photos here for LMO and detachment review. It’d be a lot easier than email for both parties to see them at once. -Eric Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. CRL and application photos have been taken. Submitting to the LMO team now. I will be linking this thread along with the others I used for reference. Also, I don't remember if I mentioned this before, but this costume isn't for me. My partner, Holley, will be wearing and trooping this costume.
  13. This Friday, getting my boots and accurate straps from Imperial boots. Saturday, will be my first armor party, so I don’t want to drag around a bbb In my truck and to a party and back. Was looking at one of these. Anybody have this one and where can I get foam to get it insulated? I have redone my back thighs tonight, and will be leaving them alone until Tuesday (48 hours). One question?....Magnets, what size earth magnets do you recommend and how many?
  14. Hi there , John. I am Rick from Dune Sea Garrison in Phx,Az. I have an extra FISD patch to give you free, no trade, no  pay , send me your address and I will send you 1 ok budd. Welcome John, and congrats

  15. 2.) May Mayhem 3 on 3 Youth Basket Ball Tournament - 5/18/19 - Newbury Park, CA
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  17. Anyone know how to change the title of this build thread? I am not going to build Cardinal since there will never be a CRL. It is a shame, but what can I do? Anyways, I am going to build a TFA FOTK Jakku variant (the one with the big pack, big gun, and vest.) Unfortunately, I am not sure if I will ever get the remainder of my armor from MIMIC. I cannot wait forever so I am going to complete with KBs armor and match the paint when I am done. Starting with the Forearms. These were supplied by KB Props. Going to cut these tonight and glue them together tomorrow.
  18. Thank you, I was having sit over night, for 12 hours, I’ll do it again, let it sit more than just 8-12 hours. Since you’ve talked about trimming the edges, I was going to go and add a reinforced strip in the inner thighs as pictured. This might help keep the parts in place while I have to remove the cover strip. Hoping inside mods are accepted to keep leg and thigh armors sturdy during a troop.
  19. Except for the sniper knee return edges are not required, anywhere.
  20. Be cool if they organised it to Anaheim as well, being a lot shorter distance to travel.
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