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  1. Relative noob here. Can someone clarify something for me. I acquired a production/screen used costume part from a very successful R rated movie last year, at a not small amount of money for me. If I were to mold, cast and sell replicas of this piece, is that not recasting?
  2. Vader Painter has shut down. Went to him for an aerator last year.
  3. If you’ve got a bigger screen than me and a better copy of TLJ, just as Phasma is about to fall to her death, there’s a prone trooper on her left. My screen isn’t the biggest so I can’t get he best image
  4. I’m going to be getting some made and then added/filled on top Fear not
  5. I used the same as my armour. Traffic White Satin black Silver
  6. So I checked out Armorsmith, that has a picture of a MacBook on the home page, paid my $30.....to find out it’s PC only
  7. I will defo check it out now....although I’m pretty much done printing lol
  8. The main issue was that instead of embracing TLJ and what it set up, JJ and Terrio just tired to ret-con everything Add to that chucking in a bunch of new characters that we didn’t need and it was all a bit underwhelming
  9. There’s definitely something there which looks like the cocking channel The D ring on the end. Is that meant to be there?? Sorry to seemingly opened up a can of worms
  10. Yeah they just hanging there at the minute as was trying not to have anything fall off. Actually scaled the forearms down from the ones on my Snowie as I’m not wearing a duvet lol
  11. Thanks Darren Have tried pausing the film as the troopers have the blaster on their holsters but they’re too far away to see the grip properly
  12. Good spot It was the handle cut out I was trying to get pics of, but of course that’s nearly always obscured
  13. First test fitting. Forgot my boots. Left and right bicep are different sizes (on purpose) so will be going with left for sizing Butt plate too small But it’s progress
  14. Sorry to necro this post. Newly cleared Snowie here and TLJ TK in production. Did we get any clearer shots of the F11s from TLJ? The scene where Finn and Rose are about to be executed has a standard size F11 with the rail on the barrel (no flashlight) and the Snowies all carry the larger rifle with the flashlight
  15. Thanks man. My learnt a lot doing my Snowie, which other than the lid was all 3d printed
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