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  1. Yeah they just hanging there at the minute as was trying not to have anything fall off. Actually scaled the forearms down from the ones on my Snowie as I’m not wearing a duvet lol
  2. First test fitting. Forgot my boots. Left and right bicep are different sizes (on purpose) so will be going with left for sizing Butt plate too small But it’s progress
  3. Thanks man. My learnt a lot doing my Snowie, which other than the lid was all 3d printed
  4. So far I’ve only reduced the forearms done by 3% all over The biceps look really roomy so am trying at 95% on the width I’m 6’2 and skinny, so the rest seems ok so far and is snug The top of the calf again looks roomy, but the bottom is perfect. The lid is the same width/length as my TFA standard Anovos, but about 10mm taller which, given I have a stupid giraffe neck hopefully won’t be an issue
  5. Progress so far. Everything other than the thighs is printed Fit seems ok so far Did a bit of reinforcing with fibreglass Lid taking shape All the soft goods either here or orders Boots and Gloves - IB Gaskets - Teresa Neck seal - Imperial Seamstress Belt - Belts of the First Order Pouches - Trooper Bay F-11 all printed and have ordered the rail that appears in TLJ Picked up an R2Dan holster
  6. TC-10 was the paint used for touch up jobs
  7. Can I get access if i'm a TS/SL? https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=22340
  8. https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-print-models/art/other/star-wars-tlj-storm-trooperhelmet-chest-shoulder-armour-ep8 There are issues, so forewarned
  9. Teresa for the gaskets Strapping is a way off yet, but we’ve got quite a few FO’s in the UKG so I’ll see how they’ve done it
  10. Will do. Just doing the last couple of prints for my FO Snowie and then I'll be tackling the lid, which I feel is going to be the hardest part
  11. https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-print-models/art/other/star-wars-tlj-storm-trooperhelmet-chest-shoulder-armour-ep8 There’s a couple of small issues, but the rest looks pretty spot on. I’m 6’2 and 180lbs and it’s looking ok size wise
  12. Just using Sunlu PLA+ Don’t plan on leaving it in a hot car, so PLA is much easier to print with than PETG or ABS Here’s where we are so far
  13. So whilst building my FOTS I’m having to wait for a 3d model to be redone. I thought “I wonder how much of a TK I can print in that time?” So here we are. Back in 2015 I was going to do a FOTK but options were limited then, so I moved on. Decided to come back it now. Found some files that other than the bicep look pretty spot on and started printing furiously. Am using a CR-10s with a E3D volcano and Titan extruder. Started with the torso and in a week have printed Chest Shoulders Back/yoke TD plate Abs Ab boxes Belt boxes Forearms and hand plates are the same as the TS so they’re already done Blaster I’ve already printed using Germain’s files At the minute it’s just being held together with tape but hoping to get it all printed in the next two weeks and do a full kit up
  14. Was about to order some but the shipping was more than the gaskets
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