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  1. I thought I was by adding the barrel holes, picatinny rail and D-ring But now I’ve seen the other parts it would seem I’m not [emoji1787]
  2. If I could remember where…. Give me some time
  3. Yep. Spoken to him a few times with little advice other than “sand more” It’s frustrating as I’ve heated the face plate to better mold it to the inside, but it then just goes back to its original shape. It’s going to need a LOT of adhesive to keep it in place. He said he was going to put together a video on how to assemble the helmet. Still waiting for the clips and vinyl which he said had come in and would be in the post. That was a month ago. Unfortunately, he’s now been flooded out, which is not good news for anyone.
  4. The second CG trader are the ones I’m using for mine. The designer has gone back and made changes when asked to by troopers. There are still some slight issues, as there are with all 3d files - parts overlapping that need looking at - and the TD/Cod are not perfect for TLJ The lid is reasonable but I’ve not managed to get mine together due the aforementioned over lap issues.
  5. Did a bit of work on the lid yesterday. It’s still not fitting together without issue, so started removing some material to try and help. Also, the mesh did fair too well in the casting process So out it comes, and I’ll be replacing it with some metal mesh
  6. For a classic TK, buy a kit [emoji1303]
  7. https://www.ukgarrison.co.uk/forum/ucp.php?mode=register&sid=1a8030a25a5554d0bdd4f14d12336712
  8. *waves from Essex* Welcome dude. Make sure you pop over the UKG forums if you haven’t already. As a fellow 3d printed member, I would say if you’re doing a classic TK, then buying a kit will be better than printed Much easier to put together and lighter.
  9. Yeah I had to use the one with the flange to cover up a bit of damage You can see that the button details are bigger on my rail and painted 3d printed plastic doesn’t respond to a Dremel as well as resin does.
  10. Bits and bobs Pouches from Trooper Bay and filled with rigid foam 3d printed shoulder tabs (thanks to whomever uploaded them here) Hot glued in and straps ready for shoulders
  11. Finished the TD today with help from a buddy with a vinyl cutter. Actually ended up using vinyl on the end cap to get a clean edge. Can’t see the join unless you get about an inch away Back detail Bolt done Nipples and shoulder tabs painting
  12. Thanks dude It wasn’t, but after a long scrolling session I found it in Krisko’s build
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