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TK 26476 reporting for duty

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Hello you lovely people, last Sunday on the 21st of May I received my approval for my TK (ANH Stunt).
Now I am very proud to be part of the 501st Legion - German Garrison. I am so happy to join this great community.
My next plans are to optimize my armor which is from RS Propmasters and do the request for expert infantry.
I am looking forward to my first troop in July and meeting great people.

Note … the pictures with the colored light setup are just for fun.






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Congratulations Marcel and welcome to the ranks trooper!!! :happyandcheerfulbirthday::salute:


Your armor is looking stunning! Should be a breeze on the higher approvals!! Exciting!!

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Congratulations! Those pictures look awesome, I'm sure you'll get EIB without much trouble. Looking forward to meeting you on a troop one day! :peace:

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