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TK-42128 Requesting TROS/TLJ First Order Stormtrooper EIB Status (Denuo Novo) 2nd Version [Approved]

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Just to prove to everyone how much of a principle this is for me.  I made more variations and here they are but I won’t be putting them on my blaster but they are here.  Easy enough to Mount them but then I feel like I would be compromising a much larger point that I am making that I feel will help better FISD and change this course that I feel I have been seeing and hearing from many that we are going down.   White with white, silver with black and silver with white 


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On 12/8/2022 at 6:23 AM, TKSpartan said:

Hi Ardeshir,  


Awesome build as always. Thanks for applying for EIB. One of us will be with you asap.


Added to the processing line sir.  :salute: 

Hey brother just wanted to check in.  Am I just moving away from this submission? Not really sure what is going on? Same with the TFA

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2 hours ago, equuspolo said:

Hey brother just wanted to check in.  Am I just moving away from this submission? Not really sure what is going on? Same with the TFA



Hi Ardeshir,  


In order to finish this EIB app we still need you to make the two updates requested:


1- Update the Helmet showing the correct from teeth number .


2- Since your request of allowing the Black D-ring is in an initial phase and this can take some time, following the right process , the update your F11-D Blaster with the correct D-Ring following the CRL as it at this time would be necessary . 


As Andrew @Sly11 responded before in this post


"You presented a case, and it is being worked on,  your case is not ignored, it is being handles with the same level of action ans seriousness that all CRL potential updates are given.  In fact it is also being expanded upon, but like all balanced and fair systems the process takes time. You know this first hand as the TLJ thread has been running for over 2 years, we had no correct images so we couldn't update until we did.

Patience is the key here, this needs to be done in the correct fashion and  that is the fair and balanced way to do it for everyone concerned including our current and future members.

I have offered up more possibilities in that thread because you are correct, this isn't about a D ring colour, it is about multiple variations and different parts, and if we consider one, we need to consider more, and it deserves the due process of discussion, and outcomes to be put to membership polls.

I think its pretty clear that we are invested in continuing to update our CRL's, so your patience and understanding are appreciated."



IMHO, you could update this submission as the current CRL requirements and move on  or we can let it on hold till the CRL updating process finish later on.  


Thank you for your patience brother. :salute:




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The correction to the teeth was made long ago as well as I uploaded rhe three variants to the blaster d rings 

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I have to say I reluctantly do this and just to prove a point I am actually mounting all variations.  Here is your request.  But below to stay true to my principle are the other variations which ARE accurate and screen represented.  The CRL needs to allow for these. 


white and white 



silver and white 



silver and black 



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Hi Ardeshir, and thank you for your EIB application! 


CRL and EIB Application Requirements:


All required photos have been submitted, and on behalf of the entire D.O. staff we are pleased to welcome you to the rank of Expert Infantry.  Congratulations!  :salute:


Other-Armor Fit/Assembly;

In this area we review observations made by your fellow troopers and the DO team.  Some observations may lead to suggestions to improve the overall look of your armor, and please keep in mind that  we consider both text (CRL) and pictures (screen caps/reference images) when reviewing submissions.



Another great build Ardeshir! 


Bellow we pointed some minor dressing issues that can make you look the very best.



Your forearms seems to be touching the hand plates a bit , and we suggest you can  get them up an inch approx. to solve it.


qxTrEPO.jpg                              hpkKetA.jpg         45hqUxs.jpg



- Looking at the under suit, it looks very wrinkled in that area, not a big deal and probably noticeable only when under direct light. But we pointed since we can see it



6a89ABj.jpg                                      8DtVW1D.jpg      zyY0dXy.jpg




The following two items are not indicated into the crl (not yet), but they're  details noted in the TLJ blaster reference images and the first one is the the rear sight, in most of the TLJ version a rounded one can be seen, different from the TFA angled version. 



rB3RW9N.jpg                       UF6ExNS.png       mcP1TAF.png   7IGmQzf.jpg 



The second one is the Pic rail screws . References show the Pic rail attached with black screws 

       gFgbGx6.jpg              DnHZj9a.jpg    YH8L2rR.jpg           





Centurion Requirements:

In this section we prepare you for our highest tier of approval.  Because Centurion photos must show more detail than EIB, items pertaining to Level 3 might be seen there and not here and additional photos may be required. We try to point out all that we can from what we are able to clearly see, but the final accuracy is the responsibility of the trooper.



According to the reference images, your TD has a very  noticeable gap between the back armor and the backing plate.



                O7pO45t.jpg                            IqGNR5U.jpg    aQyUBP7.jpg?1     V7KH9KD.png 




Moving down the calves , they seem too big, a lot of gap can be seen between the armor and the leg(pic. 1). This is something we could see in your previous TLJ application(pic. 2), but it seems that in this case, it is a bit more evident...



                        #1 Current app                               different angle             #Previous TLJ app            Previous TLJ-E app                           


 DPj2NFu.jpg    gM23s4Z.jpg         UQ9F7m8.jpg        ej27IYJ.jpg   


                                                                                               Reference Images


     rMzB1k9.png   eg9Be4Y.png             CDa3rl7.jpg




    Even though a picatinny rail  is present, it would be located centered in the right side of the barrel. Easy fix .               

    HGCOeHF.jpg                        kc93v1X.jpg





   And that's all Ardeshir. Congratulations for another EIB .  !! :th_AnimatedBravoSmiley:                                                                                                                    



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  • TKSpartan changed the title to TK-42128 Requesting TROS/TLJ First Order Stormtrooper EIB Status (Denuo Novo) 2nd Version [Approved]

Congrats Ardeshir! Your approval threads are always a treat for the good old eyes to see! :56pullhair::th_AnimatedBravoSmiley:

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Hey Mario so question for you because I need clarification.  

I recall having screws on the rail before and asked to remove it.  So screws or no screws?


Second, rail, is it half way or slightly more forward because it’s all over the place. 


also I never noticed the lines on the site as I replaced the site to put the light on.  The previous did not have it.  So thank you for pointing it out and it will be corrected. 

Finally I will be supplying my blaster with different ring options.  This conversation beat me down and I will supply the white and white but I will not be changing it to the round rear site.  I can but I wont.  Irs a blatant disregard of the existing photos of blasters. 

Mario… thank you for your help.  Regarding the TFA I’ll upload the rail less pic.  Thank you for everything 

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I think the rear sight should be fine until we look at these again in the near future and determine what variations and options can be added to the CRL. I believe the DO's are only mentioning it and it is not a requirement currently.

I will also point out that it looks like we have another shared template across the TFA and TLJ CRL's as the end cap information was correct and is now reflecting the TLJ which is different.

Also to note the Centurion requirement for the working light on the SE-44C side arm has disappeared.

Shared templates served their purpose when the CRL's were first created but because we are improve them, now they have become problematic.

This is something I need to amend by creating a separate template in both CRL's so it can never happen again on any future amendments to either of those CRL's.

We only discovered this one yesterday so I will get it remedied as soon as possible.

Apologies if this has caused any confusion to both the DO's and members alike.


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I am going to hold my ground regarding this particular point: 






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  • 2 months later...

So as promised here is a complete new resin build with working light





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