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  1. Thank you very much. We are very lucky that we have such an incredible FISD group.
  2. Daniel, want to wish you the best of luck with your EIB. The DO's are incredible and they will help guide you along. I just want to give you one little note, use some fine grit sandpaper suck at 1500 or 2000 and smooth out some of the edges of the armor. It will give you a super sharp and clean look and it will also help with your under suit not getting snagged on it. Also, see if you can clean up a little bit of the visible glue. Great build by the way and you will do great. Looking forward to congratulating you on your EIB. If you have any questions or want any more input, feel free to message me. But I think the DO's will guide you very very well. Have fun with the process. You got this brother.
  3. Welcome Aboard KC. Another Top Tier TK on board with the FISD now. Congrats brother.
  4. Kaden, best of luck with this, I cant wait to see your progress on this and your approval. You got this.
  5. Tony, I appreciate all of the examples you have set my friend. Quite a source of inspiration. Thank you for such a wonderful compliment brother.
  6. Don't be nervous about it at all. Just take it one piece at a time, and take your time. It is fun to build and enjoy it, that is the most important thing. Don't be nervous about it at all. You will enjoy learning on the build. And there are many people here to help you with incredible willingness. We have your back my friend.
  7. Michael, welcome brother and good luck with the EIB. I'm Los Angeles Squad so we will be meeting soon I hope. Glen has given you some awesome pointers. One thing that may help you out a bit is put a little bit of heavy duty velcro on the abdomen and attach some to the inside of the belt and that will help keep it in place, even if a snap gives. It seems that you can tighten your belt and it will help it stay up a bit better and more straight. If you need any help just message me. You got this. Have fun with the modifications and looking forward to your approval.
  8. Welcome aboard. My suggestion is build what makes you happy, even if you have to wait a bit. Go with what you want to do and have fun with the process. Enjoy the whole process and build something you are proud of.
  9. Svante, welcome aboard. Let me suggest this for you. Whatever you do, read up on the Costume Reference Library, CRL, to make sure your build is approvable and accurate. When you display it, you will be displaying a beautiful piece. And when you wear it, you will be wearing something you are proud of and looks the way it should. If you have any questions please feel free to message me.
  10. Sha Sha, I agree with everything you said and 100 percent on board. Appreciate always always all of the DO's kindness and guidance and it is something I highly look forward to and respect very much. If I ever ask it is only for my own knowledge. Again Sha Sha, I can not thank you enough for your time and consideration and encouragement. Appreciate it beyond words.
  11. I think Once it is agreed upon that there may be options, such as silver or black mesh, or white edges and or white edges and interiors, not only should it be stated, but reflected in the images. Again, I love the CRL's and the job the DO's do, without a question. FISD is awesome. The issue doesn't exist here, it exists outside of the FISD realm. I have had many contact me and ask me about Hovi tips or Belt placement and holster placement, and what happens is that they use a reference picture from the CRL that doesn't necessarily follow the example set in the references below, so some are doing builds that compromise their armor and have to buy new parts because they thought the photo was accurate or their GML told them one thing based on the image. For me the differences, the subtle differences are awesome, in tube stripes, or hovi tips slight differences or say someone choosing between building a hero vs a stunt stormtrooper. So those graces in different choices or slight different builds are awesome. But I agree that we need to strive for an ideal and a standard. Just needs to be more clear and fully represented.
  12. Oh and trust me, I am not frustrated at all. Not at all. I hope it never ever comes across like that. In facy quite the opposite and that is what inspired me to post the references. Not so much because of the mess that the movie was hahaha, but more so about what our one CRL standard should be. I don't even want to change the CRL. I like it a lot. But it should trickle down to the GML's and so forth. That is it. Personally, I think the CRL's are pretty darn awesome and well written. And I always reference them and point out features to people.
  13. Thank you Craig. I did rubber gloves with hard hand plates. I did the elastic strap, but I velcroed my hand plates for extra security to the gloves. This is not a difficult build in my opinion and a fun one. You will for sure enjoy it.
  14. Joseph, I couldn't agree more with everything you said and to be honest I am very well versed in the CRL's and honestly really like them a lot. And everyone, every single DO and every single person I have ever dealt with on FISD has been way about Amazing. I am beyond happy with my experience with FISD. I only ask because I am curious for my own knowledge and others that I have and will be mentoring. That is the only reason. I know some people get confrontational about this stuff and that is NOT me. For me, I am simply asking from my superiors in knowledge and experience so I know which way to go about my builds and others. Finally let me take a minute and thank you for such a lengthy and awesome message. I think everyone else will benefit from it should they ever look up my thread for reference. Love FISD and all my mentors and all the guidance and encouragement you all have given me. Ardeshir
  15. Ok, so for my own knowledge I have a few questions and I think they should be up for everyone else who may be interested in seeing. Also, let me state this, as many tend to get frustrated. This is not that. In fact quite the opposite. This is just for more understanding in the build process for future builders. I build in reverse. I don't build for basic and work up. I build for Centurion and submit to basic and work my way up that way. So below I have a few pictures for references. Now having said that I need to state the following two things first. 1: I agree that we need to set a standard that we all try to meet. Fully agree in this and I think the FISD CRL is AWESOME and our DO's are incredible. Thank you for all of your knowledge and experience, guidance and encouragement. So that is first and foremost for me to state. but 2: Anyone who knows empire strikes back can see that the stormtroopers are a train wreck at times if not in almost every scene. Biceps spun around, Shoulder bells falling down, Shins completing sealed in white Duct Tape, posterior plates inside the rear of the thigh armor, belts off set, abdomen armor riding low and over the breastplate, etc etc etc. So I am curious as to what tolerances there might be in the standards. We know in ANH they have issues as well, but ESB has a different set of issues. So What I thought would be considered good to follow is the standard set in the CRL. As I build and I recommend others in their builds, is to build with Centurion or at the very least EIB standards in mind. It is much more difficult to do Basic to EIB to Centurion with respect to certain parts, such as belts or the 6 side rivets. Once the snaps or holes are punched they are difficult fixes for most people. Photo References for Discussion. In this first picture we clearly see a low brow helmet in the stunt style. I like this, that is why my helmet has a lower brow. That same trooper has his belt at an angle along with the trooper second from the left. Also, if he straightens his hand out we can see that his hand plate will ride close to the forearm guards like the two troopers on the left. More like traditional medieval hand plates. Also the angle on the trooper to the rights drop box. It is also hanging behind his belt. Also the low brow hero helmet, I am curios if that helmet has bubble lenses and would it be approved with bubble lenses. Here is an example of a trooper that has his belt hanging practically off and nevermind the breastplate falling behind the abdomen armor this is my favorite trooper in the movie. In this one you can clearly see that his belt is cover more than half of both bottom buttons which puts his belt at a slight angle. I assumed this was the standard on the ESB Tk's Again we see another example of a belt riding exactly along both button lines which would place that belt at an angle. and this particular trooper has double dimpled bicep guards. And here is an example that has multiple troopers with their biceps riding over their shoulder bells and a the low brow trooper in back with his belt considerably dropped and at an angle. But more importantly, the troopers have different levels of gaps in their thighs. so the two troopers in the front are a good example. I only bring these up as examples that ofcourse show costume anomalies, but at the same time to ask perhaps we need to make it clear either in the CRL or when the FISD process begins for EIB and Centurion approvals a specific tolerance in certain things. I only say this because some things are a bit difficult to repair or adjust after a build has been done. I have not yet had too much a serious issue with that. But If you build with centurion standards in mind, in reverse, then it should be good to go as you step through the processes. If I read in the CRL that the belt shall ride up to the line of the buttons or cover some of the button and build to that, then it is difficult to perhaps make that adjustment in the belt again. Furthermore, let me say this, I ask this in all politeness and in hopes of being able to mentor more clearly other builds with other people. Because I have heard quite a few discussions in person regarding belt placement. For me, the CRL has set the standard. So I am curious why there may be so many opinions on it. Thank you for reading this.
  16. Done!!!! Sounds awesome and it is something I am already doing. Awesome. Thank you for the suggestion.
  17. Ok, so since the reference image is here in the comments, I replaced the upper images with the proper ones I re-shot today. Thank you for making note of that, The issues has been corrected. I corrected up top because I want the submissions photos before review to be the ones I want to be seen. Thank you.
  18. Already posted for centurion. Made all the changes and uploaded new photos and submitted.
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