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  1. Chemi, thank you very much my friend for all of the feedback and help and guidance. I will get on the changes asap. As for some of the changes, My thermal detonator is two pieces. This is a whole new one I made. Two new ones for the Centurion that was approved and for the TLJ and Executioner and I made sure I kept them in two pieces. And as for the Angle that was just a dressing issue. I had no idea about the Rail on the gun. Easy peasy. Thighs and butt plate I have been contemplating making that adjustment and I will get on that right away. The ring on the blaster I had no idea, will add that asap. Cod piece is done. Shorts no big deal As for the Neck Seal. This is all I can say. There is a reason for some being zipper forward and some being backwards. Most are Zipped behind. I can guarantee you that first hand. I just need to leave it at that for now (hahaha) But what I can tell you from other conversations with friends that were on TFA, TLJ and ROSW that the zippers are in the back. Some people had them on the front. But wardrobe puts it on in the back and zips it up and they use clothing tags to actually tag the neckseal to the undresuit. That is all I can say for now. Forearms, I will make the change for sure, thank you. I didn't know about that. It will be a little bit before I can submit this and Executioner for Centurion, once Executioner is approved. It has to do with my work schedule and filming schedule. Usually I am pretty quick about making the changes and getting it done. but I will be at least two weeks out. Apologize for that. Thank you and the entire DO team and appreciate all of the help and guidance. From everyone on FISD as well. Thank you everyone.
  2. Congratulations buddy and you are in good hands. So sorry to hear the reasons for the delay. Life is far more important than a delay. Make sure you are in good order and in a healthy place, then take your time and enjoy your adventure in the 501st. We are all here for you and you are in excellent hands with Shawn. Solid Trooper
  3. Here is the updated Rail Button Painted Gray. It is also updated on the approval thread
  4. So here is the requested update on the guantlets. It absolutely slipped my mind. I will update it in the Thread as well.
  5. Awe thank you thank you thank you Sha Sha. You are the best. Appreciate it.
  6. Per my TLJ submission, I am including this image here as well as in the body
  7. Hello Chemi, I am also going to post this in the actual body for future reference. I will unfortunately not be able to take photos for sometime. So I am going to ask grace on my Centurion submission with this updated photo. My work schedule is not permitting me to be able to spend time right now on this. In this photo, you will see my removed TFA Cod Piece and the replaced TLJ Cod Piece. While I do not agree with this particular change, I respect it and appreciate it. Furthermore, let me just say, I appreciate all that you do and your guidance and please do not in any way take my challenge to the cod piece in any form of challenge to FISD or You or any other DO. It is just something I saw first hand. Anyway, this is the quickest I can get this photo to you guys and I am submitting this remotely. I hope you guys understand because I will be submitting the same photos for my Centurion. I will explain a year from now why I am not able to spend more time right this minute.
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