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  1. They use two straps which buckle with parachute buckles. The straps are covered in the ribbed fabric that matches the rubbing of the undersuit
  2. Hahaha thanks guys. I really hope it helps some people out
  3. Well after hundreds of questions, I finally made a video to help explain how I built this first order armor. It’s an hour and twenty five minites long. Some of the information is for new potential builder. So everyone can fast forward to whatever pertains to them. So this is the build for The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker variation. However it will touch a bit on The Force Awakens variation as well. This is the new Denuo Novo First Order Stormtrooper armor and helmets. there are a lot of exceptional builders here and build threads. This is not to override any of them, but rather a video aid to them.
  4. So here is another reference of blasters in TLJ. Just to make sure this point is clear.
  5. Thank you brother. Appreciate it beyond words. As soon as I have modified the SE-44C I will upload it for future reference as well. Thank you again for everything
  6. It’s removed. It is barely if at all visible in person. Photos capture it a bit but in person it is not captured but I removed it. I don’t have time right now to do it so I just removed it
  7. print lines removed on site. The lines you pointed out on grip are not print lines they are the grip texture
  8. Hey Mario so question for you because I need clarification. I recall having screws on the rail before and asked to remove it. So screws or no screws? Second, rail, is it half way or slightly more forward because it’s all over the place. also I never noticed the lines on the site as I replaced the site to put the light on. The previous did not have it. So thank you for pointing it out and it will be corrected. Finally I will be supplying my blaster with different ring options. This conversation beat me down and I will supply the white and white but I will not be changing it to the round rear site. I can but I wont. Irs a blatant disregard of the existing photos of blasters. Mario… thank you for your help. Regarding the TFA I’ll upload the rail less pic. Thank you for everything
  9. It’s not printed lines it’s rhe way it was but not print lines. I believe in the actual file but I’ll fix that for sure and no problem on rhe f-11 photos as well
  10. Thanks brother. The color of the red is so hard to catch in a photo. It’s a solid bright red and it looks so cool. I’m the photo you see the white glow but in person it’s not that at all and so hard to catch on camera. It’s such a nice upgrade to be honest. thank you
  11. Appreciate it beyond words and always patience and absolutely understand with elections coming up. Just wanted to make sure everything is as it needs to be
  12. I don’t agree with this at all but here it is. This is a bad path to go down. My fair warning. I believe in accuracy as much as everyone here. But this is going down the path of selective re-enactor decision making process that I do not agree with. I have made my point very clear about this and will do so more often and I do it with respect to everyone. But I will call it out. The rejection of the live action HWT pissed off a lot of people and I heard it quite a bit. I didn’t care. But I will now revisit that on point of principle. This one, one simple D-Ring was my straw. love this detachment, best detachment. Love this group of experts. And I can’t even begin to state how grateful I am to everyone here. But this is an error. But here is the change. But in spite, respectful spite, here are the other variations as well. white with white silver with white silver with black
  13. I have to say I reluctantly do this and just to prove a point I am actually mounting all variations. Here is your request. But below to stay true to my principle are the other variations which ARE accurate and screen represented. The CRL needs to allow for these. white and white silver and white silver and black
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