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  1. Hi Alyssa and congrats on your new journey. Which kit did you purchase? It will affect how you build it to fit you. There are a lot of great build threads on here as well as other finished builds. Take your time and don’t be afraid to ask questions on a piece by piece basis if you have any.
  2. Congratulations Andrew. This is awesome and well deserved. Huge huge congratulations
  3. as promised here is the upgraded blaster. Also posting in the body for quicker reference
  4. Appreciate it brother. This means a lot to me. I can’t do it without the help of rhe entire group here and rhe guidance of rhe DO’s
  5. Wow thank you brother. I will make the modification so that both examples are presented in the blaster for references for everyone else. Thank you guys so much.
  6. ok, I’m gonna hate to do this. Even though I am getting the proper rail in a few days and I will upload that photo. I am going to post this here for you. I spoke to a friend and confirmed it. Some had rails and others did not. He was on all three movies. And the screen used ones I saw here including rogue one, not all had rails. therefore, that should not hold up my approval and I’m requesting your grace and approval of this application. Furthermore it was not listed in rhe crl. And it had not been requested of any other centurion TLJ even though there are only a few others. You can also see an example of a silver rear plate. So I would like to return my plate to a silver one. It is my preference. It’s a silver plate with a black strap rectangle ring. Photos Freon Fin execution scene clearly no rail more troopers with no rail again more troopers with no rail again more silver rear plate with black ring let me say this. I will get the rail and attach and upload it. But I think that should be optional and I will do it in a few days. But that should in no way hold up rhe approval. I will do it so we have that option here. I am also found to return my rear plate with the D to silver as I just think that is much more attractive and it matches what I have seen. Although I will say rhe ones I saw were actually missing their D’s I hope this respectful challenge to the request is considered and I am approved. Even though in a few days I will have the modified blaster pic uploaded
  7. Just had this made. Want to check with you about it before I finish it up.
  8. Just had this made. Want to check with you about it before I finish it up. https://imgur.com/NhWdtWX
  9. So here are rhe requested changes and I’m uploading it the body for reference as well
  10. Wow guys thank you beyond words for such a quick response. Thank you again for the suggestions and as soon as I can I will make those adjustments as well. As always I appreciate all of the support, encouragement and guidance. Thank you again for this amazing compliment.
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