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Hey, Stormtroopers!


So, I received my Imperial boots, and my question is: How long did it take you to get comfortable in walking in your boots?


I started to get the wrinkles in the leather,  which is inevitable to happen (even the figures have it, so it's accurate), but I think I am walking slightly weird / a bit slow in them. :D 


How did you guys manage? Any input on this topic? Did it take you awhile to get comfortably adjusted in the boots to walk casual?


Update: I am getting closer on my build. I just now need armor and a blaster. All soft parts are taken care of. :smiley-sw013:


Edit: Also, how do you / what do you recommend to take care of your boots? 


Thanks in advance. 


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Great to hear your almost there. As for the boots, I’d imagine like any boot it might take some time. Mine fit perfectly and I actually find them comfortable so I haven’t had any issues.

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Agree.  I have Imperialboots and they're pretty darned comfy.  I've done 6 hours + in them with no problem.

A little bit of wear is a good touch.  Just watch for any major scuffs.  Start with soap/water and get more aggressive from there if you have to.

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It sounds as if they may be a bit tight, JC.  I love my Imperial boots, but I always suggest that those ordering them get a full or at least half size larger than they normally wear as they run a bit small.  This also allows for the addition of comfort insoles (like Dr, Scholls).

While not in use, I keep shoe stretchers in my boots to keep them in shape:



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If they are a bit tight scrunch up some wet newspaper and stuff it in tight, leave to dry it will normally help to stretch a little.

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walking in boots?


When I was in the Military it was here are your boots and here is 30kgs and get going 20 miles of severe terrain carrying 35lbs plus food and water and you have to do it in 4 and half hours

my imperial boots feel like slippers..

boot stretchers works well

Friends used to say to me wear think socks force your feet in the boots use a hairdryer to heat the leather and then allow to cool repeat until happy


for me good boot stretchers work well sometimes rubbing alcohol and water sprayed as well but I do not want to try that on my white boots..



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I always put inserts (like Dr. Scholl's over the counter ones) in all my trooping boots.  My boots fit quite well right out of the box and I didn't have any issues there, so I was lucky.  The insoles really help in comfort for long-standing troops.  I also wear compression socks (those ones everyone raves about on Amazon- totally worth it, I love them, won't troop without them).  


If they need to be stretched, then the boot stretcher above is a good idea, it will give you that extra little bit if you need it.  

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I’ll speak to care since it seems you’ve received ample advice on fitting.


For maintenance, one of my squadmates recommended the following:


Dr. Martens Wonder Shoe Balsam 2.87 oz Neutral One Size https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000M3R2HE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_L5s8Cb9CRNEN3


It’s a little pricey for what it is, but I consider it worth it. I use it at the end of every three troops. The balsam is protection from weathering, moisturizes the leather, and keeps your boots shiny. It’s no miracle worker though; after awhile, your boots will start to degrade— especially as your shin pieces scrape against the boots. Longevity also depends on how many outdoor troops you do.


If anyone else has experience with this product, please feel free to chime in. Aside from the person who recommended it to me, I’ve yet to meet another TK that uses it. 

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