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  1. Well i think its time to go for the next level.. E11 Blaster re done. New Bells and new kidney plate..
  2. Hi I made you some shoulder straps...... I need to clean my keyboard......
  3. Hi thank you! I have already ordered some parts as I have trimmed the return Edge on the bells to nearly nothing. The helmet I will re adjust and upload a picture. The TD clips are from Ross so I will mention the screw placement to him I can’t remember if I drilled them or not. I have big boy bells and thighs on their way and some shoulder straps as mine broke. Will readjust the hooks and the strapping and the belt and update the pictures blaster easy paint job but I do want to get a fieldmarshal th
  4. Name: Daniel Reid Username: p4ntb0y TK-52394 Japanese Garrison Armor Maker = RWA Helmet Maker = RWA Blaster Type = Imperial War Fighters Height = 5'7 Boot Maker = Imperial Boots Canvas Belt = RWA Hand Plates = justjoseph63 Electronics = TRamp Neck Seal Type = Soulart Holster Maker = RWA Front Back Side Action Shot Belt Strapping and white elstic
  5. Ryan I wish I had the right words, just know I care. really thank you and honored to have one of your blasters during this time I will always look at my blaster and remember you both
  6. Boom! I should off put this in a different post.. still going to tweak my thighs etc will go for EIB then!
  7. many thanks! can i do pre approval for EIB? I am a little bit confused with the kidney part if i should have a notch cut or not.. from the CRL Kidney Armor A separate kidney plate is present, split from the posterior armor. OPTIONAL Level two certification (if applicable): OPTIONAL Level three certification (if applicable): Abdominal and Kidney Plate align horizontally at top Cut-out notches at the bottom of right and left sides of the Kidney Armor are optional. If present, each notch is approximately 22 mm tall and the back of the notch
  8. Sir I am TK52394 Sir! Took me too long to do my armor since I travel a lot. at first it was hard and slow, now its easy I keep adjusting my Armour where needed. I am still not happy with some parts so will be working on them a bit more, next up EIB... many thanks to all that help out and comment on this site.
  9. Another Update.. Got my Basic Approval yesterday. But I want to make a few more adjustments Geeky Pinks neckseal it is so good! Imperial Boots Shins
  10. Hi Requesting access TK52394 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=30784
  11. many thanks on the input. I have carefully taken the forearms apart and take a little of to make them a little less narrow, I still have the option to add a little bit back if required. will post up some pictures later tonight I have also redone my biceps and now the bells are more closer to the chest plate. Redoing the elastic on the on the shoulders as I used cheap elastic and its a bit too stretchy. For the bells I am going to redo with double elastic to have some give but strong enough to to pull them in. @gmrhodes13 I really like
  12. Well now I running out of excuses to get one...
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