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  1. p4ntb0y


    Yeah I actually messed up one bell and trimmed to much left side so i have a spare bell.. i was thinking if I could shim it for ABS practice unless anyone wants it..
  2. p4ntb0y


    thanks gmrhodes13 I am going to test tape it on and upload the pics just to make sure. I had to repair my butt plate and kidney plate so that is all reinforced now and dry so time for another test fitting. Like my Dad said measure twice cut once... so annoying he is right so in my case now... measure multiple times, tape etc and then cut.
  3. p4ntb0y


    Good eye their TheSwede with the trooperbay template... Will set to stun and paint tonight
  4. p4ntb0y

    Is the following armor accepted

    Frank, I actually think this was a great idea for you to do this.. With your Money Sacrifice you have tried and tested this (Scammer? Company?) I hope this gets indexed as hell so no one needs to waste their money on this. maybe you helped them to close down with your excellent reviews!
  5. p4ntb0y


    Small update Got my Gloves from trooper bay they are literally thinner Chemical Warfare gloves. how I miss my charcoal lined smock... and doing press ups in the Gas chamber lol Out comes the rice measure approx same as my hand in a fist.. tape up ready so i can use the rice again Glued.. used e6000 will see how it goes.. Netx up redoing my tube strips.. Right side i am not sure to paint 16 strips or 15 ... Left side 15 strips... Both sides strips will clear the ears so no problem there.. Tube strips are medium Blue, numbering between 9 and 16 per side with the curve bends extending backwards. as per the CRL do I have to have even amount of tubes either side? or can i go for 15 left and 16 right? Next up test fitting.. Still working on my Kidney Plate left side made the return edge up the top a bit with the heat gun scary... made sure my rivets will line up nice and tight, currently tie wraps, the belt is also not positioned to its final location I wanted to make sure the belt would fit me right will measure ten times and check check check before I do the AB poppers. wanted to make sure my drop boxes where aligned properly etc ran around the house a bit to make sure no elastic on the left side ad yet, I want to shape it a bit more so that gap is closed and it fits me without out me trying to force it. After shaping I am going to reinforce the all around as there are certain areas that want to flex.....
  6. p4ntb0y

    This Cannot Be Real

    Nicec price.. The shins , one looks bigger than the other... Maybe message the seller and ask if he is a member here?
  7. p4ntb0y


    redid the TD.. think the left end cap needs to be shrunk a bit more..
  8. p4ntb0y


    Ok some updates... Done the Shins.. Shaped and trimmed.... The sniper knee was a bit of a pain I do have another one just in case.... Will glue in the elastic and hooks 3x per shin shaped to fit my weird shins measured with my imperial boots on. next up shoulder bells.. x4.... I have two sets, I messed up on bell by trimming to much.. so I got a replacement set but the plastic is a bit different color..... Elastic and popper attached as per Ukswrath tutorial As you can see the colour is slightly different I got some novus so I hope it will buff up any tips?? Did the forearms and biceps.. return edge removed and shaped and sized for my arms Thighs.. I also wanted to tidy up the helmet so frown repainted.. I am waiting for masking template and paint from trooperbay before I do the tubes Belt was a pain to do but after a clean up and polish I hope is ok. My Chicago screws arrived today not sure to use these or the rivets thru the poppers Kidney part.. had to shape this quite a bit to bit me. pan of hot water did the trick. need to do final shaping and then some repair on some thin parts and clean and polish. shaped the top part to fit me better with the hot water in the pan trick. Bottom.. only one popper so far measured the second ready TD.. Used hyper X glue from japan which was horrible... Cooked the ends for a bit and sanded the edges of the tube so it fits very tight to the tube. needs really good clean and polish. chest and ab started.. will do the belt fitting and holster fit next.
  9. p4ntb0y

    Husky68 ANH TK (trimmed AP)

    Hi, I am also located in Japan (Osaka) as gmrhodes13 said join I found glueing the fronts let dry 100% and then after do the inside shim and clamp it well tokyo hands have really good metal clips that are super strong and cheap. once glued i then do the hot bath and shape it some and then finally do the top shim. I have a heat gun from amazon.jp 2000 yen which has good attachements but you defo need some practice to get this right hot water bath several times is safe.. For Dark Dark Admiral Grey i used Tamiya XF-53 alternative is XF-66 I am about to order from trooperbay some items and will get paint as well its about $3.70 a pot if your interested i will cover the shipping you just pay for the paint. I have found that Amazon.jp... e6000 is the fastest and cheapest, Magnets cheap Chicago Screws I ordered a few so if needed let me know. Konan Pro sanding items Spring for E11 (I see you are doing a 3D printed E11, I also got a prusa 3) Acetone Tokyo Hands Poppers and tools leather and elastic 100 yen Shops tape Elastic Sewing items Justjoseph63 hand Gauards Split Rivets TD screws I have spare if you need. Single Cap Rivets UniQlo Under Armour bulldog44 E11 resin Scope Brian must have AHD as its so well packaged and the detail is so awesome the AP kit looks awesome I had a kit untrimmed and messed up several pieces... live and learn.
  10. p4ntb0y

    Is this glue acceptable?

    I got e6000 in Japan from Amazon.jp the price was 1500 yen for 109.4 ml Clear in white its 16000 yen! I have 3 tudes..... 1 and bit tubes leftover.. I also done tie fighter helmet and rebel helmet with this stuff. (Rebel helmet for target practice) Really easy to use and forgiving and easy to clean up! I used the Japanese equivalent that was 500 yen cheaper but was so hard to clean up was strong and flexiable but took far too long to clean compared to e6000 pulling this stuff apart and rubbing it off is fun, as its so easy. I have redone several pieces where I would not bother due to the additional work
  11. p4ntb0y


    Thanks Rat/Dan I am always a bit unsure about the trimming... I over trimmed my bells so had to order some more... Its good to get the position feedback and trim at the same time... @CableGuythanks will add the final touch up to the frown i will get this done so looks better.. Yeah will need to check this This is the only area I used the template.... So I understand now from the first strip its a pencils width and in my world a standard pencil is 7mm ? 9/32 gallon , amber , mitta ... is that right? @TheSwede Yeah looking at the pics the weight of the line is maybe double... I am going to redo these parts. I think I need to do all of them... As for the tubes I am going to go over the guide again but question I have is...... The distance from first stripe edge from cheek width is a standard pencil which is 7mm . are pencil sizes the same all over the world this is when I realized I am crazy for this... I am definitely going to repaint the tube stripes I may even try without the template. many thanks to all for the feedback please do not hold back the more feedback I get the better my armor.
  12. p4ntb0y


    Some update at last... wanted to know if the placement for the ammo knee was good.. front Inside other thigh shins Helmet third paint.. covers and mesh to fit.. need to adjust the s profile will also adjust the lens small gap on the eyes and also want to shape it more. I am also ordered some padding. I totally messed up the shoulder bells but getting some replacements I have a big belt sander a little over the top its actually very easy to cut and sand live and learn.
  13. p4ntb0y

    Homemade Costumes, Aspiring Stormtroopers

    where is franks stormtrooper from Hong Kong? they said express delivery 3 days right...
  14. p4ntb0y

    Is the following armor accepted

    pay pay link about the company many people complaining... Pay Pal link about company ZG TECHNOLOGY CO.,LIMITED this is defo a scam so many hits online about this company. next time I am in HK I will check then out lol
  15. p4ntb0y

    Is the following armor accepted

    the website is in China I do not think you can buy all the parts for that cost even.. the reviews seem like translations as well.. I buy 10 at that price if its real and good!
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