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Shooting a moving target?


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I’ve been working on a rotj tk for the last year, or close to it, and am finally seeing the end. Now’s the time for me to focus on al the small details and imperfections on my build to get it as accurate as possible. But it seems the CRL has changed quite a bit since I last printed it out. Not to mention the announcements mention more CRL updates to come. I’m kinda lost now when it comes to this build, what’s actually the requirements? What’s still subject to change? It feels like I’m trying to hit a moving target with the aim of a tk.

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Hi Eric,

I believe that there is usually consideration for how the CRL was when you started and we’re completing your build. Do you have a WIP thread running? Do you know which elements have changed?

Best wishes

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I don’t think a huge amount has change in the ROTJ CRL and what has changed (and will be changing) is to allow for more accuracy given better evidence and knowledge. 


If you have some examples then better help may well be available. 

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Hello Eric,


If you can post some pictures on the area you have doubts I am sure our experts here and help you resolve them quickly.

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Ok, sorry for the radio silence in the last 24 hours, but here's where I am confused:


Overlap construction is only allowable for kits that come with the cover strip molded in to the part.


OPTIONAL Level two certification (if applicable):

OPTIONAL Level three certification (if applicable)

must be constructed using the butt joint and cover strip method. Overlap construction is not allowed


Before the CRL said the complete opposite as what's stated above if i remember correctly. Now this is the biggest concern for me not because I used overlap construction, but rather butt joint method. I started the build before I knew about the CRLs and was disappointed once I saw that I could only qualify for entry level with butt joint. Now it seems that's not the case. It just seems confusing that there's a complete 180 on the crl, I'm concerned that it's just a typo or other mistake.


  • Boots are above ankle height and made of white leather or leather-like material.
  • Small U-shaped elastic sections on both sides of the ankle.
  • Flat sole with a short heel.
  • No buckles or laces.
  • Jodhpur/ Chelsea-type boots or an equivalent style is acceptable.
    • Elvis or Mariachi boots are not allowed. 


OPTIONAL Level two certification (if applicable):
  • There is no seam present on the front of the boot.

Do the boots still need to have white soles?


And finally:

OPTIONAL Level two certification (if applicable):

Corners of ammo belt are cut at right angles.

Not 45 degrees as in ANH/ESB

This is something I also noticed that changed in the CRL, it's a little late for me on this one


Also I have another question I have with the armor unrelated with crl changes. The crl states where rivets are located, but I don't know where exactly all the rivets go, the pictures don't show them very well and the descriptions don't help with exact placement. At the moment all my armor is put together and strapped with glue, so rivet placement isn't obvious to me. 

Thanks in advance for all the help. 


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The CRL's are updated from time to time, if you have a look at the bottom of the ROTJ CRL you will notice it was last edited in August 2018 and I don't believe much was changed. Updates can happen to any costume when it's always best to check in with the CRL's from time to time. This is why checking back with them is important as well as checking the gallery seciton, build threads and researching. Top section of the CRL's says: This document is not intended to be a detailed how-to on costume construction; rather a visual guide to be used for 501st costume approval. Details on construction may be found on the respective costume detachment web forum.


With that said there are a lot of what you have posted which will be addressed in the next round of CRL updates. 


Armor is indeed overlap constructed




Boots do have white/tan soles

hLf1zwO.jpg?1 9AAEB69D-723A-4195-BB86-D0BC3EFFE1FC.thu

Boot soles shall be white, off white or have the sides painted white.




Shoulder rivet


 One pop style rivet shall be present on the front of each shoulder bridge.  May be painted white.


No large tab at back



Shoulder straps must be curved to lay flat against the back plate, and may be affixed with Velcro of needed.

     No large rear tab is present.





Knee/shin rivets





The thigh ammo pack may have an extra rivet on the front, located toward the top between the second and third boxes on the wearer's                                            right.  May be painted white.




Hope those images help, you can find more in the ROTJ gallery section https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/gallery/category/26-rotj-tk-reference/


If you would like some further clarifications on the ROTJ CRL in regards to your present build you could contact our head DO Joseph @justjoseph63 or our DL Sarah @Alay



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Please note that those are prospective changes and not set in stone yet, Eric.  It would be a good idea to use them as a reference, though, as you will not be "dinged" if you follow them.

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Hey Eric, I know the frustration of a seemingly moving CRL target.  The current CRL does have a few items changing, but do keep in mind there's precedent for grand fathering in builds started prior to CRL updates.


If you have extra concerns or questions we're always happy to help guide :)

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