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  1. I think I’ll start a new topic and post pics there, I could also post pics of the crack test I did before I sprayed the armor! However I am not at home for a while so it’ll have to wait a few days before I can show you!
  2. Oh it definitely gives the armor extra strength. Makes it 100% crack-proof! I can’t recommend people to spray the inside of their armor with it enough!!! Plus it looks really nice with the texture.
  3. I’m now officially approved: TK 64001 reporting for duty!!!Here’s some updated pics of my armor:
  4. TK 64001 Eric Simon Wisconsin Garrison https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=32973 Thanks!
  5. Nooooooo!!!! It may seem weird but that’s one of my favorite vehicles.
  6. Not in one yet, this is my first set of armor! I’m not exactly sure what the groups are within Wisconsin Garrison yet.
  7. Thanks everyone! I’ll look into these before official approval!
  8. Hello everyone, I'm so excited to present to you my recently finished armor! My name is Eric Simon, and my Armor is an ROTJ (armor is slightly weathered for Endor look). My future garrison will be the Wisconsin Garrison. The helmet/armor/belt are all CFO. The neck-seal is from trooperbay, and the boots are from a company called GRB (found on amazon). The blaster is just a hasbro painted black for now. I am going for basic approval; I started my build before the CRL changes and used but-joint method which was allowed for higher levels at the time, but now is not, so going any higher than basic isn't possible anymore. I have a few concerns about the armor: my main concern is the weathering, it's not explicitly stated in the CRL, however it is seen in the ROTJ movie and I used this thread in the ROTJ section for it. The second is the ears: yes, I know they are pretty rough, but I don't think it's within my ability to get it much better. I tried as best I could and sunk a lot of hours into them to get them where they are now. I'm really hoping it's good enough for basic approval. Other than that, here are the pictures, I apologize if the lighting isn't the best: And then heres a pic with my dad, who really helped me a lot in this build. If it wasn't for him teaching me how to use the tools, assisting me with every step when I needed it, and just enjoying the quality father-son time during the last year and a half with this build, theres no way this would even be finished. (This picture is from when I put on the armor for the first time, changes have been made since, don't use it for the pre approval process) And finally this awesome picture just for fun!
  9. Hey all, as the title says I just want to know what the measurements (width/height/depth/etc.) are of the white u trim/gasket that goes on the torso pieces so I can get the right stuff. Thanks!
  10. For those who know more about the officer uniforms, are the Disney ones up to 501st standards? Cause if they are something tells me we’re about to have a bunch of more members then.
  11. Ok, sorry for the radio silence in the last 24 hours, but here's where I am confused: Overlap construction is only allowable for kits that come with the cover strip molded in to the part. OPTIONAL Level two certification (if applicable): OPTIONAL Level three certification (if applicable) must be constructed using the butt joint and cover strip method. Overlap construction is not allowed Before the CRL said the complete opposite as what's stated above if i remember correctly. Now this is the biggest concern for me not because I used overlap construction, but rather butt joint method. I started the build before I knew about the CRLs and was disappointed once I saw that I could only qualify for entry level with butt joint. Now it seems that's not the case. It just seems confusing that there's a complete 180 on the crl, I'm concerned that it's just a typo or other mistake. Also: Boots Boots are above ankle height and made of white leather or leather-like material. Small U-shaped elastic sections on both sides of the ankle. Flat sole with a short heel. No buckles or laces. Jodhpur/ Chelsea-type boots or an equivalent style is acceptable. Elvis or Mariachi boots are not allowed. OPTIONAL Level two certification (if applicable): There is no seam present on the front of the boot. Do the boots still need to have white soles? And finally: OPTIONAL Level two certification (if applicable): Corners of ammo belt are cut at right angles. Not 45 degrees as in ANH/ESB This is something I also noticed that changed in the CRL, it's a little late for me on this one Also I have another question I have with the armor unrelated with crl changes. The crl states where rivets are located, but I don't know where exactly all the rivets go, the pictures don't show them very well and the descriptions don't help with exact placement. At the moment all my armor is put together and strapped with glue, so rivet placement isn't obvious to me. Thanks in advance for all the help.
  12. I’ve been working on a rotj tk for the last year, or close to it, and am finally seeing the end. Now’s the time for me to focus on al the small details and imperfections on my build to get it as accurate as possible. But it seems the CRL has changed quite a bit since I last printed it out. Not to mention the announcements mention more CRL updates to come. I’m kinda lost now when it comes to this build, what’s actually the requirements? What’s still subject to change? It feels like I’m trying to hit a moving target with the aim of a tk.
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