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  1. Finally! Back home from uni for the summer, and now there is progress to be made!!! Last Minute Adjustments After coming home and looking at this sitting in the basement, there's a few more minor inaccuracies I want to get rid of, both have to do with the frown/faceplate. I didn't notice this before, but the smaller separate piece of the frown doesn't sit flush behind the teeth. This is a quick and easy fix. As you can see there are these three posts that hold it back from the teeth, I took my Dremel and just chopped these off and sanded them d
  2. I don’t think we’ll ever get full armor from hasbro. We of all people know how much mods and adjustments even a fully assembled armor kit needs to fit comfortably. There’s no way hasbro would take a risk a making something that prone to complaints from the general public. Although it does make me curious about how they would price it if they did
  3. Looks identical to the Captain Cardinal. If any of y’all have seen my conversion thread on the BS FO helmets yet I’d recommend checking it out, especially if you want to use the bucket in the legion
  4. Yup, looks exactly the same to me. Thanks for bringing this up! Again if anyone wishes to use the helmet, even if it’s white, filling in the speakers and a repaint to match the armor would be needed. All my other modifications shouldn’t be needed to get basic approval, but will most likely be needed for L2 and L3. However I don’t know. As far as I can tell I’m the first person going through this process, and no one has attempted approval yet. I’m not sure if it needs a verdict form the higher-ups of FISD on what modifications are needed for each level, or if it wi
  5. I have attached Velcro to it for foam under my shoulder bells! I did not notice any difference between this surface and the surface of the plastic. So take that how you will!
  6. Hello everyone, and welcome to my science experiment! A long while back, when I was deep in the model-making side of the internet, I remember hearing that truck bed liner could be used to strengthen Styrene. Many years later, when building my armor, for some reason this stuck with me. I winded up spraying some on some of my spare model-making styrene (HIPS .5mm) and testing it out. After a bit of bending, twisting and folding, there was not a single crack. Compared to an untreated piece it cracked 10 seconds in. So naturally I decided to spray the inside of my armor as a form of e
  7. Thanks Glen!! As promised I am going to post what I do have done now. Before going into the bondo and paint process, I did manage to finally get that darn aerator out of the surrounding plastic. It was very messy, but an slowly chipping away with an exacto knife did the trick: Bondo And Sanding In order to hide some of the modifications, as well as any crimes you made up to this point in the mod, we will be using my favorite smelling resin: Bondo This stuff is made to repair stuff on cars or something, idk never u
  8. I just wanna post a quick update since it has been a while and I feel I should explain myself. Just before I was able to finish work on the helmet (I probably only have a days worth left) I unfortunately contracted COVID-19 and had to deal with that for 2 weeks, and for obvious reasons was unable to work on the helmet. Immediately after my semester started at uni and I don’t have the available space required for painting. I have finished bondo and the first few coats, I was going to wait till it was done, but I will post later today with the half finished paint job, as it may be a number of w
  9. Part 2! I was debating holding off on posting for another day, but I figured I had the time to post this tonight, so let's get into it! Modifying The Helmet Additional Items Needed: Spare sheet of either ABS or HIPS (.25-.5mm) Small File I decided to start with what I felt was the hardest part of this build, just to get it over with. This would be the grove that runs from the lower traps and goes around the helmet, parallel to the black strip. Start by measuring the distance from the bottom of the faceplate to the bottom of the small trap. T
  10. Started the HOWTO. Any further discussion related to modding this should be put there!
  11. Alright, so before I get started I am going to mention that this HOWTO is being done on the BS captain cardinal helmet. If you are reading this from the future and BS has a standard FO helmet on shelves, I would assume that this HOWTO would still apply, assuming it uses the same molds/form as the captain cardinal helmet. EDIT: There is now a white version of the hasbro helmet. It does use the same molds, and this howto will still be an accurate guide on how to modify it. I initially started this thread when I first saw the helmets promotional material to discuss it's
  12. Alright, now that I have the helmet in my hands there's a few things to address: First up the good: Overall, the helmet still seems to be just as accurate as the product photos suggested, and I am very happy with its quality. Also, to my excitement, the lenses are indeed dark enough for approval! They are actually even darker than my lenses in my ROTJ TK. Although this photo doesn't show it the best, here are my helmets side by side to show the difference with the lenses: Approved ROTJ on the right, BS to the left. Clearly there is a distinct upgrade with t
  13. Helmet just arrived in the mail 5 minutes ago, I’ll post an update soon with plenty of photos
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