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  1. Ericnathan811

    Rocket Trooper CRL Discussion

    Oh wow that's amazing! I can't believe someone's gotten that far already. Too bad it's not a true rotj, but your conversion really looks convincing. It really looks amazing, what did you do for the mohawk?
  2. Ericnathan811

    Homemade Costumes, Aspiring Stormtroopers

    Hey I visited Seattle 2 years ago and saw this very guy right outside the space needle.
  3. Ericnathan811

    Empire Strikes Back Parkas!!!

    Just read an article that Columbia is selling the famous ESB crew parkas for a mere $500 each: https://www.esquire.com/style/mens-fashion/a25385258/columbia-star-wars-empire-strikes-back-crew-parka/
  4. Ericnathan811

    Which OT TK did you go with and why?

    I’m not finished with my armor yet, but I chose ROTJ because 1) I love the look of them 2) as said above they are frequently used in Merch and 3) most importantly to me, they have many variations thanks to the new video games: magma troopers, bf heavy weapons troopers/se troopers, shock troopers, rocket troopers, etc. I like that I am able to make the armor, and then customixe it to any variation of it later.
  5. Ericnathan811

    Rocket Trooper CRL Discussion

    Oh I feel so stupid, I didn't see the post with the link to the pack for sale. Guess theres no need to worry about 3d printing it if crooknight already has! Well if that's the case I can now say that I'll be converting my armor to it for sure!
  6. Ericnathan811

    Rocket Trooper CRL Discussion

    Oh wow this discussion is really catching on now, awsome!! I don't have much to share atm, but I'm in the final processes of finishing my rotj kit. Straping it together as we speak! I'm definetly considering converting it into the rocket trooper, hence why I started the discussion. I was wondering if one of those 3d printer guys would be able to make a printable file of the pack from the game files we have here (thanks for those, that's awsome) or of the other new parts too. Ill post that question in the 3D printing section soon. Also, I toatally agree with the two seperate crls, it just makes sense. I have somewhwere in my computer, a CRL document that I typed up, bits of it are on this post from earlier, If you guys would want it I could post the whole thing so everyone can look at it and change it as we go along. Really is nice to see others working on this and having an interest, everytime I'm about to work on this more I get too busy! Keep up the good work guys! (Edit) Wait is the vocoder grey? never noticed that. Is that just a lighting thing or do the game files actually have it as grey? -Eric
  7. Ericnathan811

    Painting Help!

    Alright! Thanks for all the help.
  8. Ericnathan811

    Painting Help!

    So I'm finally beginning to see the end of my tk build, but I've ran into an issue. Because my build is HIPS I needed to paint it, but the rustoleum gloss white and clear coat gloss I'm using are just not shiny enough. they look more like a matte with some sparkles than a true shiny tk. I was wondering if there are any other spray paints that would do a better job. Thanks in advance! -Eric
  9. Fantastic!! Especially for a first time making a short film! I would like to give you a little constructive criticism based on some of my own experience, but I'll give some compliments first on what was done well. It had a nice cohesive story, and a decent flow to it. The sound design, especially in the battle portion, was very well done; it was a pleasant surprise. Many of the shots looked really damn cool too. Obviously the costumes were great, thanks to the 501st , and helped make the story more convincing. Now for some areas of improvement to keep in mind for whatever your next film will be -star wars or not. There's only a few things that kinda 'took me out of the film' so to speak. First and foremost was the presence of unnecessary jump cuts. When they are not being used for story telling purposes they make films look a little off and poorly edited. If you don't know what a jump cut is, you can google it, but the first one appears just before 1:10, and several more are in that sequence. A good way to fix this is to record many more takes of the same scene from many different angles, and cut between them. Second was the VFX. Now obviously a low budget short film can't afford expensive CG, but writing a script around the need for explosions works well. But so does some cheap fireworks! but I wouldn't recommend that in the woods. The last major criticism I would give would be that there was some areas of the film that were quite silent that could have had more sound/dialogue, or could have been cut out. It just feels off. Some more minor things I noticed was that the music didn't always fit the scene, lighting could have had more attention, some things the TKs said were lost in the voice fx, and the action sequences felt a tad underwhelming. But all in all, this was well done, and you did great! It was an enjoyable watch and I will be looking forward towards whatever you make next! Best of luck!
  10. Ericnathan811

    Rocket Trooper CRL Discussion

    Ok, two things I've noticed that I want to mention, and I'm working on getting good screenshots of, would be the mohawkand the under suit. The under suit does appear to be ribbed, however I can't tell if it would be enough to be included in the CRL. Compared to the standard ROTJ tk, (which isn't ribbed for the original prop) in the game the under suit is also ribbed, and compared to the FO tk, (which we know is ribbed for tghe original prop) The FO tk in the game also has a ribbed suit, but the ribbing is much larger. Since the ribbing appears to be minor, and that other detachments making CRLs from this game don't include ribbed suits, I don't think this one has to either, at least not for level 1 or 2. Again, I'll post close up comparison as soon as I can, so a clear call can be made. The second thing I wanted to adress was the mohawk. It appears to have a strong resemblance to the standard TIE pilot helmet, especially the front. I'll get some close ups on it, I was wondering if it is close enough in size and shape to be taken off a TIE helmet, or if it would have to be made from scratch like the pack. That's about all for now, and pics should be uploaded within a week
  11. EWTN? Wow that's actually pretty big, I think they are an international network, so you must be doing something right. Congrats on that! Anyways, I'm quite excited to watch this film when it comes out, your inspirations appear to be placed in the right stuff! Short film is a completely different rodeo than a documentary, but based on that trailer, you seem to be doing just fine! As long as you keep making movies, and maybe watch some rocket jump film school, you can only get better!
  12. Ericnathan811

    Rocket Trooper CRL Discussion

    Just a quick update for the time being. Sorry for the long wait and inactivity on this thread, just had finals that's all. Now that it's summer I'll be on here keeping this CRL going. There have been quite a few things I have noticed about the rocket trooper in the last couple months, and I just haven't had time to work updating this CRl. Plus I still have an ROTJ TK build to finish up before I might mod it to be the first rocket trooper . Might even get a build thread started for my tk, despite the lack of photos I have for the build so far . It's about to get super active on this thread so in the words of Lando: 'You might want to buckle up, baby!"
  13. Looks rather interesting! And shot out in the woods like a proper fan film But in all seriousness, it looks like a fun watch. Is this your first film? or are there any other short films I can watch while I'm waiting?
  14. Ericnathan811

    Anovos TK Stunt build... Also building my Bucket

    Sorry to interrupt, but this is an ANH stunt build correct? Why is this in the ROTJ section?
  15. Ericnathan811

    Rocket Trooper CRL Discussion

    Alright! Great work on that! Those backpack pics are great, and a few really do show the ribbed under suit. I think your chest box requirements look good too. I think we can agree that most of the CRL will be identical to the ROTJ TK, with exception of the Helmet, under-suit, rocket back, chest-plate and shoulder. And since you already have the requirements for the chest-plate, and we know the under-suite is the same as R1, this CRL will come together quickly, its just the build that will be so complicated. Here's what I put together, changes are highlighted yellow. Shoulder Armor For 501st approval: One on each shoulder. The shoulder bells are considered effectively symmetrical in shape. And can be worn interchangeably The left shoulder is painted orange/yellow and has a black imperial cog in the center. For level two certification (if applicable): Shoulder bells are rounded at the corners. Shoulder bell straps 1/4"(6.3mm) wide are present, worn higher and are visible across the biceps armor like in ANH. For level three certification (if applicable): Shoulder bells have foam padding inside. Shoulder bells are slightly pinched and worn slightly higher, compared to ANH/ESB Helmet For 501st approval: Traps (trapezoids on dome of helmet) and tears (area beneath the corners of eye lenses) are gray. Rear traps and tears have vertical black lines. Lenses may be flat or bubble, smoke or green in color, sufficiently dark enough to obscure the costumer's eyes. The "ear" bars have three or four bumps, and is grey or painted grey, with a black outline. Painting the bumps with rank stripes (Highlighted) in black is optional. Frown is painted black and overlaps the teeth area. Eight total teeth on the frown are cut out. Tube stripes are medium blue, should be 13 per side, but can be between 9 and 16 per side with the curve bends extending backwards. Vocoder (vertically ribbed chin detail) is painted black. Aerators/Hovi mix tips (cylinders on either side of the vocoder) are black or painted black. Tubes/hoses are connected where the aerators/Hovi mix tips would be Tears, traps, and tube stripes should be decals, but can be hand painted, or decals that replicate hand painted. Mesh may be used behind the frown to obscure the face of the wearer. The helmet has a crest that extends from the back of the helmet to the brow and is colored appropriately A single orange/yellow vertical stripe is present in the center of the crest, at the back it is dotted. A thick gray stripe is present on both sides of the crest, each stripe has two gray triangular markings perpendicular to the stripe, which are positioned appropriately. Beneath the crest there is a small horizontal grey line. The crest has a small rectangular piece at the front center that goes over the brow. Note: The helmet is accurate in detail and proportion to official references. Many commercially available helmets or those considered disproportionate in size or shape are ineligible. For level two certification (if applicable): Ears have no visible screws per side. Traps/tears and tube stripes are decals (with the correct ROTJ details), not hand-painted or decals that replicate hand painted. Traps/tears may be either ANH gray or a slightly bluer shade of ANH gray. The ends of the frown are rounded, not tapered to points (not like ANH/ESB) and not squared ended like the ESB MKII. Ear bars have four bumps only, not three. Correct 'Hovi mic' aerator tips. For level three certification (if applicable): Eye lenses are bubble style and tinted green. Ear bars have only two to three bumps painted in black (rank stripes). Neck trim is of an s-type profile rather than a u-type profile. Hoses For 501st approval: 2 gray ribbed hoses with a 1.25" diameter and 18" to 21" in length from the helmet hose port to connect to the chestbox upper hose ports. For level two certification (if applicable): Hoses are ribbed, gray vacuum cleaner hoses I know this isn't worded the best, so feel free to change it, but I think its good for now. I had trouble describing the crest, so that description definitely needs to change.